Ahmed Dogan Survives Assassination Attempt As Gun Misfires [Video]

Bulgarian politician Ahmed Dogan survived an assassination attempt after the assassin’s gun reportedly misfired. The event was caught on video.

Dogan, the leader of the country’s ethnic Turkish population, was giving a speech at the National Palace of Culture when the gunman climbed on stage and held a gun to his head.

But the would-be assassin, Oktai Enimehmedov, failed in his attempt to shoot Dogan, because the gun reportedly got stuck, making it unable to shoot.

The Huffington Post reports that the momentary distraction gave Dogan enough time to bat the gunman’s arm away. Dogan then wrestled with his would-be killer until security guards raced to the stage to assist.

Enimehmedov, 25, was reportedly injured in the attack after being beaten by delegates and other officials. Prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov stated:

“He was not in a good shape, there was blood on his face. He told us his version about what motivated him, but I will not discuss it at this point.”

Despite the assassination attempt, the 58-year-old Ahmed Dogan is doing fine. MRF official Cehyan Ibryamov stated, “Ahmed Dogan is in good health. Everything is under control.”

The MRF party is liberal. It represents ethnic Turks and Muslims in Bulgaria. Together they make up about 12 percent of the country’s population.

The Mirror notes that the conference where the assassination attempt was made was convened to elect a new leader for the party. Dogan announced earlier he will step down after 25 years.

Lyutvi Mestan, the man expected to take over for Dogan, stated “the true reason for the assault was the language of hatred and confrontation.”

It is not yet clear what the Enimehmedov’s motive was for attempting to kill the MRF party leader. The entire assassination attempt on Ahmed Dogan was captured on video and can be viewed below.