Sarah Jessica Parker Sued Over Jewelry Line Deal

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker has another ex in the city. But this time the city is London and the breakup is as big as it gets. Parker is being sued by British jewelry designer Kat Florence for allegedly failing to promote a new line of diamond jewels after signing a multi-million dollar contract, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Parker reportedly failed to support the launch of a collaborative line of jewelry that launched two years ago after receiving $7.5 million in installment payments and a profit percentage.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Kat Florence stated that she began working with Sarah Jessica Parker in October 2015 on a five-year deal which included using the Sex and the City star’s name and face to promote the brand’s “Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond collection.” Parker was also a co-designer for the collection.

Parker initially endorsed the line and did some press at the time of its launch in fall 2016. At the time of the line’s launch, WWD posted a series of gorgeous photos taken for Sarah Jessica Parker’s campaign for her collaboration with Kat Florence. The black and white photo spread showed Parker dazzling with items from the diamond line. Now, Florence claims that Parker soon ceased to fulfill her agreement shortly after the line’s debut.

But an insider told WWD Florence changed the original deal after Parker signed the contract. The source revealed that Parker was later told she was to promote the jewelry in interviews, photo shoots, awards shows, and on social media with up to 50 Instagram posts per year, as well as bring Kat Florence with her to multiple events per year.

In the court documents, Kat Florence claims Sarah Jessica Parker also told her she was busy with her role as star and executive producer on the HBO show Divorce and would be unable to promote the line or attend an important launch event in London. Because Parker was unable to attend the collection launch party due to her other career commitments, the event was ultimately canceled.

The lawsuit claims that “the failure of [Parker] to participate during this time period has resulted in the loss of the line, the loss of the London store, the loss of goodwill and has severely damaged the reputation of [Kat Florence Designs].”

Parker’s people beg to differ, saying Kat Florence “reneged on their contract with SJP” and refused to compensate her after she fulfilled her contractual obligations. Parker’s rep also claims Kat Florence continues to use the HBO star’s image for advertising and publicity to promote their brand.

Kat Florence is suing Sarah Jessica Parker Parker for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation. But in happier times, Kat Florence told Vogue why she chose to work with Sarah Jessica Parker on the Diamond Collection.

“She represents the modern woman,” Florence said of Parker in 2016. “She has style, she is feminine and inventive. She is beautiful but not in a classic way, she is fascinating and a fashion icon.”