‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Busted By Sam, These Two On The Case Could Lead To Reveal Of Henrik

It looks like Peter’s secret is about to be discovered on General Hospital very soon. He has Robert, Anna, Jason, Spinelli, Sam, Nina, and Curtis all trying to get the information they need to find Henrik. Right now Curtis is snooping around his office at Aurora thanks to Nina’s prompting. Unfortunately for him, he just got busted by Sam Cain. Spoilers by SheKnows Soaps says that she will be questioning him about what he is doing there. Will he tell her the truth?

Sam just returned from Switzerland where she ended up helping Jason and Spinelli get into Henrik’s safety deposit box. She loves being a PI, as she told Maxie on Thursday’s General Hospital. She is back to doing what she loves. That also means that she will be stepping back from behind her desk at Aurora. She was paying a visit with Peter when she caught Curtis.

Friday’s episode will have Curtis trying to explain what he is doing in the dark with a flashlight in hand. He may have to spill the beans to Sam that he was hired to find out if Peter has something to hide. Sam was also a little bewildered as to why Maxie all of a sudden befriended Peter August so quickly. She seemed to understand why Maxie needed someone who isn’t smothering her, but this new piece of information from Curtis may just get her PI intuition going.

General Hospital spoilers also suggest that this story will be coming to a head very soon, which means that Peter’s true identity as Henrik Faison will be revealed. Sam and Curtis may work together to find out the truth. There are many people involved in this search, but these two PIs might just be one step ahead in figuring out that Henrik is right in front of them.

Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see what happens. May sweeps is coming up and the reveal will be huge.