April 27, 2018
Kendra Wilkinson Goes Brunette After Split From Hank Baskett: Check Out Her Post-Divorce Makeover

Blondes may have more fun, but going brunette could help Kendra Wilkinson get over a breakup. The 32-year-old Kendra On Top star recently revealed that she made a drastic hair change a few weeks after she filed for divorce from 35-year-old former NFL star Hank Baskett. The couple's relationship was a rocky one, and now Wilkinson seems ready to put all the drama and tears behind her by starting a new chapter in her life with a fresh new look.

As reported by People, Kendra Wilkinson debuted her much darker hairdo in an Instagram slideshow. Being blonde was an important part of her image back when she first gained fame as one of Hugh Hefner's three platinum-haired girlfriends, and she's pretty much maintained the same look until now. In other words, becoming a brunette was a really big deal for Wilkinson.

"Been wanting to experiment like this for a long time n here it is,' she captioned her series of four snapshots. "So excited for this change but I'll always stay true to my roots."

Ahead of her dye job, Wilkinson let her fans know that she was about to push the "refresh button" by changing her look.

"Time for a change. Time to have a different outlook," she tweeted. "Time to let go of the past and embrace new."

Kendra Wilkinson made the decision to dye her hair three weeks after she announced that she and Hank Baskett were getting a divorce. The couple had two children together -- Hank IV, 8, and Alijah Mary, 3 -- during their 9-year marriage, and it's always extra tough when kids are in the equation.

Kendra also made it clear that she still cares deeply about Hank in an emotional video about the end of their marriage. She tearfully said that she "will always love him," and she admitted that she's "scared" to face life without him.

As reported by E! News, the former couple weathered a 2014 cheating scandal that made Kendra so upset that she flushed her wedding rings down the toilet. However, their relationship roller coaster ride didn't end there, and it looks like Kendra finally got tired of dealing with all the ups and downs.

A change in hairstyle might not make all these negative feelings and memories go away, but it could help Kendra Wilkinson begin to move on. Pennsylvania therapist Christy Beck told Quartz that it's not uncommon for people who are dealing with loss to cut or color their hair. She described the action as "a form of self care" that can help them better cope with a distressing situation.

In other words, maybe Kendra's new hair color is her first step towards finding herself back on top.