Researchers At MIT Have Developed A Device That Lets Sleepers Control Their Dreams While In A Hypnagogic State

Kristine Moore

If you have eagerly awaited the day when you can more readily explore the hidden recesses of your mind through your dreams, that day is almost here as a team of researchers at MIT have developed a device called Dormio that allows sleepers to more easily control their dreams while in a hypnagogic state.

According to Motherboard, dreamers everywhere can thank Adam Horowitz and fellow students involved in the new sleep project at the MIT Media Lab for the invention of Dormio.

Their belief was that the very special period that people experience between waking and sleeping is one that is filled with untapped potential when it comes to creativity, and this is something they sought to explore and change.

Dormio works by measuring a sleeper's muscle tone as well as their heart rate, and at the exact moment when the hypnagogic state ends, a noise signals so that sleepers will continue dreaming instead of falling into deep sleep. With the device uttering a single word, it is expected that sleepers will hear the word and begin a voyage of discovery revolving around the object mentioned, as the Independent reports.

As Adam Horowitz explained, in his opinion the best kind of neuroscience is one which engages individuals and allows them to more thoroughly examine their unique thoughts and feelings more closely.

"Good neuroscience, to me, is effective self-examination. Good technology in service of making neuroscience relevant outside the laboratory, then, should facilitate self-examination."

— TechXplore (@TechXplore_com) April 26, 2018

"The ends of this project are both practical and philosophical. I have no doubt that Hypnagogia holds applications for augmenting memory, learning, and creativity. Yet also, after exploring the state myself, I find it to be a deeply valuable and inspiring sort of self-seeing which was inaccessible to me previously."

— Motherboard (@motherboard) April 25, 2018