Kelis Breaks Silence On Alleged Domestic Violence And Nasty Custody Battle With Nas

Kelis and Nas were considered a hip-hop power couple until their divorce in 2009. Over the years, details of their tumultuous divorce have played out in the tabloids but the "Milkshake" singer has been notably silent about the breakdown of their relationship until today when her first tell-all was released. Kelis sat down with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked and gave her side of the story. During the interview, she dropped a bombshell that Nas physically and mentally abused her during their marriage.

At one point, Kelis mentions that the highs of their relationship were very high and the lows were very low. When Lee asks her to explain a little bit more, she opens up about the alleged abuse and the role that alcohol played in their lives.

"It was really dark. Like, you know, there was a lot of drinking. There was a lot of, just, mental and physical abuse," she said.

"And it just got to the point where, I think—for me, you know—God is so good because being pregnant, I think that I probably would have stayed longer had I not been pregnant."
Lee then asks her to say whether Nas hit her.

"We would fight," and later adds, "Did he hit me? Mhmm [she nods]. Did I hit him back? Mhmm [she nods]." Later in the interview, Kelis says that she never initiated the fights, however, and that Nas would be triggered by alcohol and by trivial things like if she said "hi" to Jay Z, a rapper who Nas has feuded with in the past.

"It was because he would blackout. He would drink too much," she added.

Kelis went on to say that when the Chris Brown and Rihanna domestic violence incident happened, she was tempted to speak out about abuse because she had bruises all over her body. As Vulture reports, Kelis filed for divorce from Nas in April 2009, just two months after the Rihanna photos came out. Vulture also notes that the mother of Nas' first child also claimed that he physically abused her in her memoir, It's No Secret.
"Seeing her, the way she looked, and then looking at myself, I was embarrassed. I was appalled." Kelis said that she decided not to speak out at the time because she didn't want her career to be defined by the allegations.

Kelis added that she's speaking out now because she was fed up of silently dealing with an ongoing custody battle between her and Nas.

"I have absolutely had enough," she says at about the 1:11 point in the interview. Kelis revealed that their custody dispute is ongoing and that it has been nasty. She also accused Nas of not taking an interest in their son's upbringing for years and that he now wants to dictate terms of the custody agreement.

She ended the interview by saying that she wants to start a fund for women who are going through similar custody struggles in court but don't have the financial resources to defend themselves.