'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Victor Lays Down The Law With Arturo

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, April 27, promise high drama and heartache as a husband in name only truly tests his unusual arrangement with his wife, and a newly pregnant TV personality experiences terrible heartbreak.

Don't Cross The Moustache

While Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) agreed to what's basically an open marriage, it looks like Victor didn't quite mean it as literally as Nikki took it as She Knows Soaps reported.

After overhearing his wife's double entendre-filled chat with her lover Arturo (Jason Canela), The Moustache put two and two together and figured out exactly what happened at the end of Nikki and Arturo's business meetings. From the looks of things, Victor isn't a fan of Nikki's choice in lovers. Who would he have her choose? Somebody more appropriate like his arch enemy Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman).

It's not like Victor chose any better when he flaunted the new Jabot chemist Helen (Sitara Hewitt) as his side piece -- surely Ashley (Eileen Davidson) is better suited for that job anyway. By the way, could Arturo and Helen have a target on the Newmans? Perhaps they're working together to bring down this Genoa City dynasty.

Considering Victor's dangerous and evil past, Arturo needs to watch his back to ensure he doesn't end up enslaved in a dungeon or something crazy like that.

Baby Blues

Although Hilary (Mishael Morgan) took a pregnancy test and got confirmation of her positive test from her doctor, it looks like she's in for some real heartache where her baby with Devon (Bryton James) is concerned. Something either goes wrong with her baby or despite the confirmation, she isn't actually pregnant.
Now that Hilary basically burned all her bridges with Devon, the chances of him agreeing to try again are basically nil. Will she end up giving up on her dreams to become a mother? Not a chance. Knowing Hilary, she'll likely either somehow trick Devon into fathering her child in some way or she'll seduce someone else into doing it without his consent.

In fact, while Hilary's baby talk freaked Ravi (Abhi Sinha) out earlier this year, Hilary herself didn't. So, now that she's supposedly pregnant, maybe he'll sleep with her thinking he cannot impregnate her, and she'll keep the secret from him and try to pass off the child as Devon's baby. Stranger things have happened.

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