Claire Kirksey Pictures: Sam Darnold's Girlfriend Grabs The Spotlight Amid Hype Of NFL Draft

Nathan Francis

Claire Kirksey might want to get used to the spotlight because the girlfriend of former USC quarterback Sam Darnold is getting plenty of attention in the lead-up to the NFL Draft and the start of Darnold's pro football career.

Depending on which scout you ask, Darnold is either the best or among the best prospects in a loaded quarterback draft, with most predicting he will be off the board within the first three picks. That has also put plenty of spotlight on his girlfriend, Claire Kirksey, especially the pictures she shares with her Instagram followers.

The two have been together for more than a year, as Kirksey initially got some attention when the college football season started and the Heisman buzz started to build around the USC quarterback. There were a series of stories about their relationship and plenty of pictures of Kirksey have been shared as well.

While she may be no match for her boyfriend, who appears destined to be an NFL starter very soon, Claire Kirksey has been quite an accomplished athlete herself. As the site FabWags noted, Kirksey was a member of the softball team at Huntington Beach High School, and prior to that she was a member of the 10-and-under all-star team. There were also reports that she was a cheerleader at Cal State Long Beach.

Claire Kirksey is still something of a fitness buff, or so her Instagram pictures would indicate. The college student has shared some shots of her going on mountain hikes and playing volleyball on a California beach.

Whatever happens, Claire Kirksey may need to get used to being in the spotlight herself as boyfriend Sam Darnold prepares for potential NFL stardom.