WWE News: Cody Rhodes On The Chances Of A WWE Return

It was May 2016 when Cody Rhodes requested his release from the WWE, sending out an open letter to the public revealing his frustrations with the company. Since then, much of the WWE universe has hoped for a Cody Rhodes return. Under the moniker of Stardust at the time of his release, he didn't agree with the WWE on the direction of the character and he felt ignored by the writers when he broached the topic.

Flashforward to 2018 and Cody Rhodes has formed a great career in the indies, wrestling for the likes of Ring of Honor, TNA (now Impact Wrestling), and he made a huge impact in NJPW, taking on big names like David Finlay, Juice Robinson, and Kota Ibushi. Additionally, alongside The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson), Cody is producing what is expected to be the largest independent wrestling event to ever be held in Chicago, All In.

While he is greatly missed by the WWE universe, it seems Cody made the right decision to walk away from the company he built his name on. On Wednesday, a fan asked Cody on Twitter if he would ever return to the WWE. Cody's answer doesn't leave much hope that the WWE universe will see him again, at least anytime soon.

While Cody's answer is almost an emphatic "no," anything can happen in the world of wrestling. Many wrestlers who were once on the outs with the company found their return, like Kurt Angle who came back to the WWE in 2017. While anything is possible in the future, it looks like Rhodes is enjoying walking to the beat of his own drum. Some even think that, if the All In event is successful, Cody may even start his own promotion.Cody is set to take on Punishment Martinez at the ROH Bound by Honor on Friday, and All In will be held at the Sears Centre Arena on September 1, 2018. Many wrestlers are lined up for the Chicago event, including wrestling superstar Kenny Omega. And while wrestling fans look forward to the event, despite Cody's recent tweet, many are still hopeful that he will one day find his way back to the WWE.