Kanye West Posts Text Messages From John Legend, Asking Him To 'Reconsider Aligning Himself With Trump'

Amanda Lynne

Kanye West's Twitter tirade is continuing. After tweeting over 80 posts on Wednesday, the rapper is back at it again and this time he's revealing text messages sent to him by his friend, singer John Legend.

According to an April 26 report by People Magazine, Kanye West posted screenshots of a conversation he had with John Legend via text message in which the singer asked West to reconsider tweeting out support for President Donald Trump as to not encourage his millions of fans to give the current president their support.

John Legend texted Kanye West and asked him to "reconsider aligning himself with Trump." Legend went on to say that West was "way too powerful" to influence or endorse the things that Donald Trump stands for. The singer pointed out that the rapper's fans are loyal to him and respect his opinion so much that he may want to reevaluate what he posts on social media for millions to read.

John Legend went on to say that many people feel "betrayed" by Kanye West right now for his recent support of the president, adding that Trump's policies cause harm, "especially to people of color." Kanye did reply back to John, telling him that he loved him and appreciated his opinion. However, West claimed that Legend bringing his fans and legacy into the conversation was a "tactic based on fear used to manipulate" his "free thought."

Later, Kanye West revealed that he only tweeted the conversation with John Legend to prove the point that the people in his life disagree with him, but that he still respects their opinion. "I stand my ground," the rapper added about the situation.