Disney Announces A New 'Star Wars' Animated Series

Disney has been very open about plans to create a seemingly never-ending list of Star Wars related entertainment. Unsurprisingly, this includes bringing a galaxy far, far away to your television. Although most of the rumor mill has been focused on a live-action series, it appears that the first show to premiere will be the newly announced Star Wars Resistance.

Dave Filoni Will Continue the Long Tradition of 'Star Wars' Animation

Dave Filoni, perhaps best known to audiences as the producer of Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will once again help bring the world of Star Wars to life via animation. Disney has been quick to bring in fresh creators for the film series, so the decision to stick with Filoni seems to indicate a lot of trust and respect for his previous Star Wars work. This should also help reduce fan anxiety about the quality of the upcoming show.

Details About 'Star Wars Resistance'

Details are, of course, sparse at this point. However, one of the most tantalizing things announced today is the fact that Star Wars Resistance will be set after Return of the Jedi but before The Force Awakens. In other words, it will showcase the Resistance rising from the former Rebellion.

Much like other Star Wars animated shows, Star Wars Resistance has been inspired by the anime style. The basic plot revolves around pilot Kazuda Xiono's top-secret mission for the Resistance, during which he'll keep an eye on the First Order's rise to power. Xiono is recruited by none other than General Leia Organa. There will be numerous ace pilots on display, along with other fan favorite characters such as Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma and BB-8. Even more exciting is the news that Oscar Isaac and Gwendolyn Christie will be voicing Poe and Phasma.

'Star Wars Resistance' Was Inspired by World War II Fighter Pilots

Getty Images for Disney | Gerardo Mora
Dave Filoni and George Lucas (pictured here in 2017) talk 40 years of Star Wars.

According to Gizmodo, producer Dave Filoni came up with the concept for Star Wars Resistance.

"The idea for Star Wars Resistance came out of my interest in World War II aircraft and fighter pilots. My grandfather was a pilot and my uncle flew and restored planes, so that's been a big influence on me. There's a long history of high-speed racing in Star Wars, and I think we've captured that sense of excitement in an anime-inspired style."

Will Other Beloved Characters Make an Appearance?

Nothing has been confirmed regarding any other high-profile characters, nor are there any hints that we could see a lightsaber battle. In the world of Star Wars, though, this is always a possibility. The early footage, along with the inevitable spoilers, will almost certainly be online soon because the show is slated to premiere this autumn. Until then, all other details about Disney's Star Wars Resistance are being kept tightly under wraps.