'Days Of Our Lives' Episode Recap: A Drugged Brady Needs Help, Ciara And Tripp Confront Claire [Spoilers]

Today's episode of Days of Our Lives is packed full of romance and sprinkled with a touch of deceit. Once again, we take a break from the Chad and Abby storyline. The Thursday, April 26 episode of Days touches on Abby's situation, however, it concentrates primarily on the other Salem residents.

Jennifer, arriving back from Chicago, heads straight to the Brady Pub. She apologizes that she wasn't able to call. Her phone has died and was unreachable for most of the weekend. Eric charges Jennifer's phone behind the bar as they visit. They share some intimate conversations about their relationship, sharing several passionate kisses.

Days of Our Lives viewers have been wondering when Jennifer will become fully aware of the issues Abby is facing.When Jennifer's phone is finally charged, she notices that she has missed a lot of phone calls from Hope. Jennifer is about to find out what has happened with Abby in her absence.

At the hospital, Steve tells Kayla that he ran into Abby and had a short conversation with her. He noticed that something was wrong with Abby and blames himself for letting her get away. Kayla assures Steve that he is in no way at fault for what is happening with Abby. Since there is an APB out for her, they will have to go to the Salem PD and make a statement.

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After finding Wyatt's phone, Tripp and Ciara now know that Claire convinced Wyatt to help her cheat. In an effort to have a second chance with Ciara, Wyatt fixed the voting of the "New Face of Bella" contest. Wyatt hacked into Titan servers and made Ciara lose by one vote, Tripp's vote.
Days of Our Lives viewers know that Miguel has been trying to convince Chloe to take a lead in an opera produced by his mystery boss. When Chloe decided to stay in Salem with Lucas, Miguel drugged a club soda and had it sent anonymously to Chloe's table. Unfortunately, Days fans watched in angst as Lucas and Chloe toasted with Eve and Brady. It was unclear who would be getting the drugged drink, Lucas or Brady.

As they were leaving Doug's place, Brady surprises Eve with an impromptu offer for a trip to Paris. The couple is getting quite cozy as they walk through Salem. That is until they run into Tripp and Ciara. When Eve apologizes to Ciara for the contest loss, Ciara makes it known that Claire cheated and she had help.

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Ciara and Tripp head to the flat to confront Claire. When they arrive, Claire is on her way out the door. She apologizes profusely and promises she will never do anything like that again. She admits that, with Theo and her parents away from Salem, she was jealous of Tripp and Ciara's relationship.

Upon hearing of Claire's cheating victory, Eve immediately turns to Brady. She assumes that he is the one who helped Claire rig the contest. Eve is irate and tells Brady that she doesn't ever want anything to do with him again. Brady begs Eve to listen, insisting that he had nothing to do with Claire's cheating. As he is pleading with Eve, Brady's words begin to slur and his stance becomes unsteady. Days of Our Lives fans know that Brady has had a drinking problem in the past, but also know that he has not been drinking tonight.

Eve incorrectly judges Brady. She assumes that he is drunk and that he's probably carrying a flask. Regardless of what Brady has to say in his defense, Eve refuses to listen.

The tail end of today's episode of NBC's Days of Our Lives was interrupted by breaking news, however, according to She Knows Soaps, Brady is rushed to the hospital. Since it is unknown what drug Miguel placed in the club soda, Days fans hope that Brady will be able to get the help he needs in time.