'Supernatural' Season 13 Spoilers: Details On Final Episodes And Finale Revealed

Amanda Lynne

Supernatural Season 13 is heading toward the end, and fans are waiting to find out what will happen when the world between two different worlds comes to its boiling point.

According to TVLine, Supernatural fans will see Archangel Gabriel come to his senses and reluctantly agree to join Sam, Dean, and Castiel in their fight to save the world against Michael. The Winchesters will head back into the other dimension to find their mother, Mary, and will be a bit taken aback by what they find.

It seems that Mary Winchester has found a place where she truly belongs. Although she obviously loves her sons, Mary has come into her own in the alternate reality, where angels and humans are at war with one another. Supernatural fans will see Sam and Dean be upset by Mary finding a new home amidst the chaos, and it could cause a rift in their relationship. Will Mary stay in the alternative universe to help fight in the battle?

Meanwhile, one storyline will reach its climax. Lucifer and his son, Jack, will finally come face to face. The pair has been dancing around each other all season, and their meeting will be one of the most important moments for fans to see in the final episodes of the season. Supernatural viewers will watch as Lucifer tricks Jack into the meeting, which will cause "consternation for both of them."

As for Castiel, Supernatural fans will see his warrior-like side continue to come out. Things are going to "get bad" at the end of the season for Sam and Dean, and they'll reportedly need their angel sidekick to help them through it all, says actor Misha Collins.

Supernatural currently airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on the CW.