'Avengers: Infinity War' After-Credits Scene: Major Spoiler About Thanos And 'Avengers 4' Hidden At The End

Those heading out to Avengers: Infinity War will see a bit of a departure in the after-credits scene, as the latest film in the Marvel series deviates from the format while still managing to deliver a major spoiler.

Fans of the comic book series have grown used to finding two separate scenes tucked at the very end, one during the credits and another at the very end. One of these scenes usually offers a bit of levity, while the other gives a major glimpse at what is coming next in the series. Early reports (including MediaStinger, which tracks after-credits scenes) from Avengers: Infinity War screening show that Marvel is changing it up a bit.

There is only one after-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War, and it's likely the biggest one in the history of the franchise.

[Warning: There are some Avengers: Infinity War spoilers ahead, so you may want to tread lightly. If you want to read about the after-credits scene without learning any of the spoilers, skip down to below the bolded text.]

The movie ends in unlikely fashion, with Thanos seizing control and activating the Infinity Gauntlet. In a flash, some of the biggest heroes in the series are turned to dust --- including Groot, Maximoff, Parker, Quill, Mantis, and T'Challa.

Viewers might hope that the after-credits scene shows a turnaround, but the opposite happens. After the credits stop rolling in Avengers: Infinity War, viewers see Nick Fury and Maria Hill being alerted of the attack on Wakanda. Hill is vaporized, and just before Fury bites the dust, he shoots off a message to Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers).

As Vox pointed out, the Avengers: Infinity War after-credits scene appears to be setting the stage for a fourth Avengers movie.

"[Nick Fury's final message] doesn't mean we'll see Danvers help save the Avengers, Hill, and Fury from their fate in that film; Captain Marvel is set in the 1990s, way before the events of Infinity War," the report noted. "This scene — paired with the onscreen text that follows the Marvel Studios logo, promising 'Thanos will return' — is more likely pointing to next year's still-untitled Avengers 4, which will presumably bring in Captain Marvel to address the fallout of Thanos's destruction."

[The spoilers end here.]

There will likely be a huge crowd looking for the Avengers: Infinity War after-credits scene. As the Express noted, predictions for the opening weekend are soaring --- once estimated at $200 million, insiders now believe it could take in as much as $225 million.

The movie has already been hugely successful in overseas openings, setting the stage for a big week in North America.

So if you're heading out to Avenger: Infinity War anytime in the next few weeks, make sure to stay in your seat for the after-credits scene --- you won't be disappointed.