Blake Shelton Reveals Why He Feels Sorry For Adam Levine On 'The Voice'

Blake Shelton is revealing why he's feeling a bit sorry for his fellow The Voice coach Adam Levine – and it turns out current coach Kelly Clarkson and former coach Miley Cyrus both have a little something to do with it. Blake joked about his sympathy for Adam in a new interview with E! News, where he admitted that he's feeling pretty sorry for his co-star because he's always sitting next to the coaches who talk a lot.

"You know, Kelly talks a lot," Shelton said of Clarkson and her tendency to chat while the musicians are filming the show. "I'm starting to feel a little bit sorry for Adam now, because Kelly talks as much as Miley [Cyrus]."

Blake then joked that he doesn't know how Adam – who he's been with on the NBC show since it first started in 2011 – copes with the constant talking from the show's female coaches both current and past.

"Adam's been sitting by Miley in the seasons past, and I don't know how he breathes," the country star teased in the new interview, referring to the "We Can't Stop" singer who left the show after Season 13 last year.

But it sounds like Kelly wasn't ready to take the remarks lying down, as she told the site that she's certainly not alone when it comes to being a fan of talking on the set.

"Adam thinks that I talk a lot," Clarkson responded, claiming that all the Maroon 5 singer does is talk. "It's remarkable that he thinks I'm the Chatty Kathy. I mean, I am a Chatty Kathy, but he is like right there with me."

Levine then admitted that, despite Shelton admitting that he's not sure how the singer handles all the constant chatter, he's actually a big fan of sitting next to the "Love So Soft" singer and hearing her many talking sprees.

Adam told E! News this week of his fellow coach, "Kelly can talk all she wants. I will never not love it. I think she's hysterical."

Blake Shelton feels bad for Adam Levine on 'The Voice' over Kelly Clarkson's talking
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Clarkson's previously admitted that she was inspired to join Blake, Adam, and Alicia Keys on The Voice this season because of all the talking she'd get to do – mainly to the contestants on her team when helping to guide their careers.

She explained to Variety that she purposefully chose a job as a coach on The Voice over a gig as a judge on the revamp of American Idol because she wanted to be able to talk more and get her opinion across.

"On Idol, you can't really have a relationship," Kelly said last year when asked what attracted her to the NBC show over the ABC reboot of the talent series that launched her to superstardom in 2002 after being offered positions by producers on both shows for this year.

"I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships," the mom of two added of what inspired her to make the jump to The Voice.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.