'Bold And The Beautiful' Recap Wednesday April 25: Ridge's Fatherly Advice To Liam & Steffy Walks In On 'Lope'

Bold and the Beautiful recaps for Wednesday, April 25, show that everyone was vying for Liam's (Scott Clifton) attention. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle) fought over what was best for Liam and each staked their claim on him. Ridge, on the other hand, tried a more paternal approach with his son-in-law, which may bear fruit in the long run. Later, Hope and Liam share an intimate moment which Steffy interrupts.

Liam Needs A Woman To Make Up His Mind For Him

Steffy and Hope were back at each other's throats, according to the recaps via She Knows Soaps. These stepsisters are so sure that Liam cannot make up his mind about whom to choose that they engage in a debate over the young Mr. Spencer. Steffy tries to impress upon Hope that Liam will choose her especially when the baby arrives. Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Hope was still playing the "good friend" card and says that she just invited Liam to stay at the Logan estate because he needed space away from their complicated situation. Hope truly believes she is acting in Liam's best interest. Steffy shoots back that what Liam needs is to be sent back home to his wife.
Of course, wife is just a relative term because Steffy has signed the annulment papers and the two talk about this. Steffy tries to persuade Hope to stop meddling in her affairs, thinking that her stepsister is using her pregnancy to keep her husband trapped. Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Hope was of the opinion that Liam needs decency and goodness in his life, to which Steffy retorts, "Maybe you're not as good and decent as you like to think."

Ridge's Manly Advice

Ridge decides to approach Liam from a fatherly angle. He sympathizes with Liam and tells him that he too has been in the exact situation that Liam finds himself in. According to Soap Hub, Ridge tells Liam that he regrets missing out on so much time with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). He also tells Liam that he needs to be careful of pushing Steffy in Bill's direction.

Liam and Hope's Cuddle Time

Hope tells Liam that it is best to cut ties with Steffy and wants him to file the annulment papers in court. She tells him that Steffy believes that she's manipulating him into doing what she wants him to do. However, Liam tells her that he knows that she isn't. The two are embracing when Steffy walks in and asks Liam if he will be coming with to their ultrasound appointment.