'General Hospital' Spoilers: Peter Is The Talk Of The Town On Thursday, The Truth Is Closing In

Thursday, April 26, will be all about Peter August, aka Henrik Faison, on ABC's General Hospital. The search continues for the son of Cesar Faison. They really don't have to look too far as he has been living in Port Charles for a while now. Only Valentin Cassadine is in on it. The rest of Port Charles is still on the hunt. According to spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps, Thursday will have both Anna and Curtis paying someone a visit to discuss Henrik/Peter.

Of course, they have all been around him. They just don't know it yet. In fact, Lulu is expected to once again run to Peter for help. She has been contacted by Henrik by text and is anxious to continue her conversation with him. Peter has been sending her on a wild goose chase. She will feel like a fool when it comes out that her boss is the person she is seeking.

Sam is back in Port Charles and she will be paying a visit with Maxie. The General Hospital previews have Maxie telling Sam that she wants to chat about Peter August. Sam may find that a bit strange that she is so anxious to talk about the CEO of Aurora. Peter has honed in on Maxie. He seems to have legitimate feelings for her and she has relied on him more than anyone else. By the way things are going, this is headed towards a romance between them. This may end badly when his true identity is revealed.

Also on Thursday's General Hospital, Curtis will pay Nina a visit. Nina is more than anxious to learn more about who Peter August really is. However, her husband is not. Valentin will interrupt the two as they are talking about Peter. He is the only one who knows the real truth and is desperate to keep their secret from getting out. He may have to take drastic measures to keep his wife from getting to the truth.

Anna Devane is more invested in finding Henrik than anyone else since she is his mother. She will go to Alexis to get some information. She wants to find out exactly why the box they found in Switzerland has the Cassadine crest on it. This all links back to Alexis' family. Alexis may be able to give Anna a small piece to this puzzle. Will it lead to Valentin?

Who will be the one that figures out that Peter is the man they are looking for? They are getting closer and it all leads back to Port Charles, and the Cassadine family.

Peter stands to lose the life he has built, and his budding relationship with Maxie. The truth is getting closer to being revealed. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.