‘Terra Formars’ Anime OVA That Covers Earth Story Arc To Release In 2018 With ‘Terra Formars’ Manga Volume 21

LIDENFILMS'Terra Formars: Revenge' Anime TV Key Visual

The release date for a new Terra Formars OVA episode has finally been confirmed after years of waiting. While it’s not the hoped-for Terra Formars Season 3, anime fans should just be happy that any sequel is coming out considering the health condition of the manga series’ author.

Writer Yu Sasuga and illustrator Kenichi Tachibana have been releasing the Terra Formars manga since January of 2011. The series suffered a major delay back in March of 2017 when it was announced that manga creator Sasuga was going to be on hiatus due to health problems.

The story of the Bugs 2 mission was adapted into two Terra Formars OVA episodes that were released in 2014 with volumes 10 and 11 of the manga. The first season of the anime adaptation began 20 years after the Bugs 2 mission when a third mission, called Annex 1, was launched. The Annex 1 story saga was also the focus of the first and second seasons of the anime.

The second season, Terra Formars: Revenge, ended with some of the crew infiltrating the communications center on the Annex 1 ship, an event which took place in Volume 11 of the manga. Chapter 108 of the manga shares the name “12-Second Revolution” with the ending episode of the second season. However, the finale episode mostly focused on events of Chapter 107, while parts from Chapters 108 and 132 were included. This means that the anime ended near the beginning of Terra Formars Volume 12. The shocking ending was that the giant cockroach-like Terraformars had somehow managed to reach Earth already.

This revelation signaled a dramatic shift to the Terra Formars manga. Once the Earth story saga began with Volume 18, the numbering of the chapters was restarted after Chapter 173. The Terra Formars logo was even changed from red to blue. Unfortunately, it’s possible that the story of the new Terra Formars OVA DVD will skip over 60 manga chapters of the Annex 1 story saga. Although the exact story and length of the 2018 Terra Formars OVA is unknown, it’s said that the DVD will adapt the Earth arc only.

Terra Formars Anime
The crew of Annex 1 fought to the death on Mars, but now the threat is on Earth.Featured image credit: TYO Animations/LIDENFILMS'Terra Formars' Anime Key Visual

The release date for the new Terra Formars OVA DVD is scheduled for August 17, 2018. According to Anime News Network, the DVD will come bundled with the previously delayed Terra Formars Volume 21 (the last volume came out in early 2017). The English translation of the manga by Viz Media is already up to Volume 20 as of January of 2018.