Tristan Thompson Reportedly Regrets Cheating On Khloe, Now That He’s Benched, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Mike LawrieGetty Images

Tristan Thompson is feeling the pain of being labeled a cheater, at least that’s according to an article published by Hollywood Life. According to the online tabloid, the Cleveland Cavaliers player’s life has been difficult since photos and videos of him kissing and getting “flirty” with other women surfaced in the media. Tristan “regrets” cheating on Khloe while she was pregnant with their newborn daughter, True Thompson, Hollywood’s Life source says.

“Tristan has major regrets over being caught with other women. His life has been challenging and [he] genuinely feels bad for hurting Khloe,” the source allegedly said.

Khloe gave birth not long after multiple media outlets posted photos of Tristan apparently taking a strip club worker, Lani Blair, back to his hotel room

But, Hollywood Life reports that Tristan is also concerned about the impact the cheating story is having on his professional life on the court. The Cleveland Cavalier has been spending a lot of time on the bench during the playoffs. As People Magazine reports, he was booed at a recent game against the New York Knicks. Some fans even brought signs to support Khloe. On April 18, when the Cavs played the Indiana Pacers, he didn’t spend any time on the court. Cleveland won the game, but Thompson made no contribution to the victory. According to People, the power forward has only played two minutes during this NBA postseason.

You may be thinking that this may have to do with his overall performance as a basketball player. But Thompson is reportedly injury free. Elle reports that there’s a likelihood that Tristan isn’t playing because the cheating scandal could prove to be a “distraction” for the team. If Tristan is getting booed at games, then it could affect the team’s overall morale, which won’t help them win in the playoffs.


People Magazine’s source claims that Khloe and Tristan “have very little to do” with each other. Even though Tristan “comes and goes” to see his daughter, the source says Tristan and Khloe aren’t living together at his house in Cleveland. She reportedly plans to leave Cleveland and return to Los Angeles as soon as her doctors clear her to travel.

Tristan and his team will travel to Indiana for Game 6 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Friday, April 27.