‘Roseanne’ Spoilers Reveal What To Expect In The Final Episodes

Robert TrachtenbergABC

The Roseanne revival has been a huge success, and fans still have the entire month of May to watch the remaining episodes play out. In addition, it seems that the show has saved some of the best episodes for last.

According to TVLine, May sweeps, as well as finale spoilers, have been revealed for the remaining Roseanne episodes. The show, which returns to air on May 1, will see Roseanne and Dan’s home become even more crowded as her mother, Bev, continues to live with them. When things become too much to take, Roseanne will send Bev off to live with her sister, Jackie, who has always had a very hilarious, yet strained, relationship with her mother.

Roseanne revival fans will also see the Conner family tackle a “Wi-Fi crisis,” which leads Roseanne to “befriend her Muslim neighbors.” Perhaps Rosie wants to try and share Wi-Fi or even steal the couple’s internet access for her own home.

However, it won’t be all fun and games in the Conner house. The report also reveals that Dan will discover a “troubling secret” that Roseanne has been keeping about her bad knee. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, spoilers have revealed that one member of the Conner family will be dealing with a surprising addiction, and it seems that person may be Roseanne. It looks like her injured knee might have led her to become too dependent on her pain medication and the family will have to step in for her own good.

Meanwhile, the Roseanne season finale will feature the Conner family dealing with a major storm that hits the town of Lanford. However, the storm is said to be a possible “blessing in disguise” for Dan and his wife. Darlene (Sara Gilbert) may also have a surprising reversal of fortune when she rediscovers her first love, which is writing.

Roseanne fans will also see a plethora of guest stars in the final episodes. Viewers will see James Pickens, Jr. back as Chuck, Sandra Bernhard will return as Nancy, Natalie West reprises her role as Crystal, and Estelle Parson will also be back for more as Bev Harris. Actor Christopher Lloyd will also guest star as Bev’s boyfriend.

Roseanne currently airs on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.