'State Of Decay 2' Joining Xbox Game Pass In May With 7 Other Titles

Scott Grill

Microsoft announced Wednesday the slate of games coming to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service in May. Xbox One exclusive State of Decay 2 is the headliner and is joined by seven other titles ranging from the co-op party of Overcooked to the first-person action of Homefront: The Revolution.

State of Decay 2 is slated for release on May 22 on the Xbox One plus Windows 10 and is a direct sequel to Undead Labs' 2013 sleeper hit for the Xbox 360. The original zombie survival title eventually made its way to the PC and Xbox One while earning fans along the way.

The sequel builds on the mix of open-world survival and building a community to survive together by introducing new zombie types, new challenges, and much-requested features like online co-op play. State of Decay 2 players will be able to join a friend's game and bring one of their characters over. They will be able to bring back loot earned into their own game but will run the risk of losing that character if it dies.

Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have six new games added to their library on May 1. This includes Overcooked, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, The Escapists, Homefront: The Revolution, Unmechanical: Extended, and Sonic & Knuckles. The eighth game will be a brand new title arcade multiplayer shooter called Laser League on May 10.

Microsoft also announced a promotion for Xbox Game Pass starting Thursday, April 26, and running through May 8. The first month of the service will be discounted to just $1 as part of an Endless Play sale. Subsequent months will cost $10 each. Six-month Game Pass cards are available for sale at retailers, but the best deal might be by purchasing a subscription with Microsoft Points earned through Bing searches.

This makes the Xbox Game Pass subscription a real bargain when there are three or more exclusive releases per year, not to mention the over 100 other games that are available for download.