Is Paige Yore A Liar? Walmart Says Woman's Viral Video Story Is False

Paige Yore gained notoriety on social media when a video she posted about a recent experience at Walmart went viral. However, is the Pueblo, Colorado, woman being honest? WNEP News reports that Walmart says that the "heartbreaking" post she made via video is absolutely not true. So was this just an attention-grabbing stunt or are the big wigs at Walmart mistaken?

In the viral video, Yore claimed that she had been standing in line at Walmart for about 20 minutes when she observed a female shopper giving a male cashier a rough time. She claimed that the woman was yelling at the cashier when her card was declined during the checkout process. She claimed that she tried to diffuse the situation by confronting the shopper.

"This young man's obviously having a bad day. Let it go. It's not his fault that you don't have money."
Paige Yore said in her viral video that she hugged the cashier, who was crying over the other shopper's abuse. She claimed that the cashier told her that his mother had committed suicide that morning. She used this detail in her viral tirade to stress a point that's been printed on inspirational memes for years.
"Even if your customer service sucks, even if whatever happens, somebody is rude to you being your customer service, don't jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about."
Well, as inspirational and touching as her viral video was for thousands of people on social media, it turns out that the entire story may have been made up. Walmart officials got into contact with KRDO News, telling them that the story is not true. After some investigating done by store officials, they found that the male cashier in question does not have a dead mother. So nobody's mother in the store committed suicide on the morning that Paige Yore is talking about.

Furthermore, upon checking security footage, it was found -- according to Walmart officials -- that there were no altercations in the store on this day. Nobody hugged a cashier -- certainly not Paige Yore -- and no customer shouted at a cashier when her card was declined. In fact, it was found that the only tension between a customer and the cashier that Yore vlogged about was an issue due to a so-called "language barrier."

While Paige Yore hasn't posted a response to Walmart's claims, she has reportedly posted that she wants to raise money for the cashier that she vlogged about in her viral video. She posted this sentiment a day after her video went viral, prior to being called out as a liar by Walmart.

This wouldn't be the first time a viral video or stunt turned out to be a hoax, or otherwise based in dishonesty. In 2014, a Florida woman rose to temporary fame after she claimed to have a third boob surgically attached to herself so she could avoid being hit on by men. Doctors quickly refuted the woman's claims, and it was later revealed that her own website mocked people for believing the hoax she started. Also in 2014, a family went viral for the way their granddaughter was allegedly treated at a Mississippi KFC. The child was reportedly told to leave the restaurant because her scars were disturbing to other patrons at the restaurant. However, it was later revealed that the family had made up the whole story in an attempt to raise money to pay for scar-removal surgery on the young child. In a show of good faith, KFC offered $30K to help pay for the surgery, even though the family made up a hoax involving their company.

[Photo: Screenshot from Paige Yore video via Twitter]