'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Episode 5 Preview: 'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 Anime Spoilers, Manga Comparison [Video]

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 should bring anime fans even more action since the auction raid is in full swing. Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is shaping up to bring the SS-rated One-Eyed Owl back onto the screen pretty soon. While anime fans will want to know what's ahead, they might also be interested in what they have missed from the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga.

Some fans of the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga have complained about the pacing of the anime adaptation thus far. Episode 2 corresponded to the ending of Chapter 9, which was also the end of the first manga volume. From there, the pacing with the Nutcracker case increased since the auction of Episode 4 began at the end of Chapter 16.

But the problem is that Episodes 3 and 4 cut some character development, including Mutsuki's mixed feelings about dressing as a woman for the investigation. Mutsuki also spent a good number of manga pages talking to Special Class Investigator Suzuya and trying to overcome the fear of failure. The personal history of uber-otaku Saiko also hit the cutting room floor so anime audiences did not get to hear about her parents or why she received the Quinx surgery. The manga also focused more on how Urie had his RC count increased to 900 by having frame opening surgery and why he harbored such desires.

Other investigators of the CCG were given even less screen time, so when a named investigator is suddenly cut down the death doesn't have nearly as much emotional impact. Some of these details were quite interesting since it's revealed that ghouls are not a problem from modern times. In fact, one CCG investigator boasted a ghoul exterminator lineage that went back to the 1800s in this alternate universe.

While certain scenes involving side characters' feeling and motivations are not 100 percent necessary, the issue is that Haise's time spent analyzing his feeling over his lost memories were cut short. In fact, whole sequences where Haise spent time at the "re" coffee shop with Touka are missing from the anime.

Warning: Manga-based spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 beyond this point.

The beginning of Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 starts right after Seidou Takizawa's "freshly picked pineapple" scene that ended Chapter 21. Assuming that the anime adaptation averages about five chapters per episode, that means Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 will find an ending somewhere around Chapter 26, which is contained near the middle of Volume 3.

Haise and Urie go to the rescue of Mutsuki while other CCG investigators fight ghouls like the Nutcracker, who turns out to have a combination-type kagune. Another ghoul also has the ability to create a barrier wall using a detached kagune, so the Quinx squad is rerouted to take on Nutcracker after finding Mutsuki. The S-rated ghoul lives up to her name since she'll devour certain parts of a fallen CCG member after wiping out a human squad all by herself. The ghoul Clown gang will also make a showing since the "nugget texture" mentioned in the Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5 preview trailer is from Chapter 26.

The CCG investigators quickly realize that they've only been seeing Aogiri Tree ghouls, which means that Big Madam and other guests are hiding somewhere. Mutsuki's injuries result in the investigator retreating with Urie, who is quite upset to be sent away from the battle. Instead of retreat, Urie quietly plans on tracking down the weaker guest ghouls and inadvertently meets up with Suzuya to confront the fleeing ghouls.

Meanwhile, Takizawa starts eating the buffet after finishing his "pineapple." In Aogiri Tree, Takizawa is known as One-Eyed Owl, but the SS-ranked one-eyed ghoul is reminded of his time as a CCG investigator by someone he meets (and then eats). It's not long before Owl runs into Haise, Shirazu, and Saiko of the Quinx Squad and this battle should be a focal point of Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 5, never mind the upcoming confrontation with Nutcracker.

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