New 'Conan Exiles' Trailer Takes Players On Journey From Crucifixion To All-New Areas To Survive

Scott Grill

Funcom released a new Conan Exiles trailer Wednesday in anticipation of the open-world survival game's impending official launch to the Xbox One and PC plus the first appearance on the PlayStation 4. The studio narrates the player's journey through the Exiled Lands from being saved from crucifixion to exploring all new areas like the swamp biome and volcano.

The "Your Journey Through Conan's World" trailer is a narrated trip showing a bit of what players can expect from the time the titular hero cuts the player down from a cross through their entire journey of survival. It's a game of crafting, combat, and survival against creatures and elements pulled from the depths of Robert E. Howard's classic stories. Aside from the survival genre hook, Funcom has also introduced many RPG-like elements from story to character building.

Conan Exiles has spent the last 14 months in Steam Early Access and has been in the Xbox Game Preview program for a slightly shorter time. The title has gone through numerous changes and seen many additions since that time. Recent updates on both platforms brought all new features for survivors to experience like a completely revamped combat system plus the new Purge mechanic, perks, and more.

The updated combat for Conan Exiles has been in the works for several months now and moves away from basic hacking and slashing to a deeper combo system based on the weapon equipped as well as a sequence of light and heavy attacks. Further depth comes with the Purge to encourage players to build their homes and fortresses to withstand attacks from not just other players, but hostile NPC characters and creatures in the area as well.

The official Conan Exiles release is set for May 8 on all platforms, and those who purchased the game in early access will receive a free update at that time. This will add the final touches and open the all-new swamp and volcano areas for exploration. The swamp, in particular, will introduce the Lemurian faction, who "perform orgiastic rituals to worship Derketo, the twin-natured goddess who walks the line between lust and death."

Derketo will represent the sixth religion players can have their character worship in the game and fifth avatar that can be summoned. Fittingly, the avatar is a mix of horror and beauty.

"Conan Exiles is a survival game combining brutal combat, powerful building systems, and intense player vs. player warfare, all set in a vast and open sandbox," Creative Director Joel Bylos explained in a press release. "But it's certainly not an empty sandbox and we've gone to great lengths to give the world a sense of place and history. Players will come upon points of interest as they explore the world, characters they can interact with, and they can delve into dungeons and uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations. Conan Exiles is definitely about surviving and building your own world, but it's also about discovering the world that we have crafted."