Kanye For President? Rapper Talks Potential 2024 Run

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President Donald Trump isn’t the only person who’s dealing with what he calls fake news; Kanye West is going to make sure there is none about him as well. Some may believe that is all that the two men have in common, but the future could bring about a much bigger similarity that no-one would see coming. While trying to get rid of any falsehoods regarding him and his business, Yeezy is also hinting at a presidential run in 2024.

Anyone who follows Kanye on Twitter knows that he likes to talk about anything and everything that the world is going through. Sometimes, his tweets may not make a lot of sense to those reading them, but he surely knows the point he is trying to get across and plenty of his followers do too. In the past, West has compared himself to Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, and numerous other influential names from the past. West is bound and determined to be remembered for something more than a musician, and he truly believes that being president is what his future holds. According to a report from E Online, Yeezy has once again confirmed his promise to run for President of the United States of America.

At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015, Kanye West announced that he would run for president in 2020, but it now appears as if he has changed his plans a bit. The fact that he’s put it off another four years means that he may actually be serious about putting things in place to throw his name in the ring.

West is making sure that the entire world knows his intentions and wants to receive respect from anyone who may sully his name.

While all of his presidential plans are not yet known, he did let his followers know some of the things he has in store. One of his first orders will be to “change the name of the plane from Air Force one to Yeezy force one.”

Kanye West met with President Donald Trump shortly after the latter was elected to the position for a discussion on multicultural issues. The rapper went to Trump Tower to talk about giving more support to teachers, eliminating bullying, and modernizing curricula in schools.

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In the past, West spoke of running for president to do the job in a new way that has never been done before, but it was never really something he followed up on. As time goes on, West is becoming more political on Twitter and starting to make promises that only the President of the United States could fulfill, but would he really make a run for it?

After some of the things that have transpired in the last couple of years, the Nation of Yeezy is not necessarily out of the question.