Vanessa Trump Was ‘Warned’ By Melania About The ‘Trump Men,’ According To ‘Us Weekly’

Melania supposedly told Vanessa Trump that Trump men are 'vain and power-hungry.'

Donald Trump, Melania Knauss, Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr. at "Operation Smile"
Walter Weissman / AP Images

Melania supposedly told Vanessa Trump that Trump men are 'vain and power-hungry.'

Donald Trump might refer to wife Melania as his “rock” and the “cornerstone of our family,” but sources say that Melania Trump has a more accurate picture of Donald Trump and his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Melania allegedly warned Vanessa Trump about Donald Trump Jr. before the two married when Vanessa sought advice from Donald Trump Jr.’s stepmother.

Melania Trump Warned Vanessa About The ‘Trump Men’ And Their Vanity

Melania Trump supposedly explained to Vanessa that if she married Donald Trump Jr., she would need to accept certain things about him, says US Weekly.

“Melania told her, ‘The Trump men are one and the same — vain and ­power-hungry,'” said the outlet’s source.

The source said that Melania told Vanessa that “she could do nothing to change that and offering her husband an ultimatum would be a huge mistake because he would choose his thirst for power like his dad.”

And after marrying Donald Trump Jr. and having five children together, Vanessa realized that Melania Trump might have been right, and Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in March.

As for her own marriage, Melania Trump has continued to hang in there despite a great deal of alleged stress over rumors that Donald Trump paid a porn star for her silence.

“It’s not an easy time for her.”

Vanessa Trump Has Been Thinking About Divorce For A Long Time

Vanessa Trump learned the hard way that Melania Trump might have been right, and if she married Donald Trump Jr., his thirst for power and control would win out. Vanessa Trump had reportedly been biding her time waiting for her inheritance to come through from her father’s estate. Vanessa Trump now has her own money and is secure in the fact that she and the five Trump children will be okay.

Friends of Vanessa Trump say that this divorce has been coming for a long time mainly due to Donald Trump Jr.’s infidelity.

“There have been numerous affairs. This divorce has been in the works for a long time.”

Melania Trump was supposedly right that Donald Trump Jr. didn’t hide his interest in other women and power. In 2007, Donald Trump Jr. told Adam Carolla that Vanessa Trump tagged along with him on a visit to the Playboy Mansion.

“Can you believe the hell I’m going through? I’m at the Playboy Mansion with a pregnant wife! It doesn’t get worse than that, does it?”

Melania And Vanessa Allegedly Have Almost Identical Prenuptial Agreements

Now that Vanessa Trump has gotten her inheritance from her father’s estate, she no longer has to depend on Donald Trump Jr. for money. Her friends claim that over the years, Vanessa Trump has had to rely on her mother for money.

“He treats her like a second-class citizen. He gives her very little help and has been keeping her on a tight budget. She doesn’t live a lavish life and can very rarely pick up a check at dinner.”

Initially, a statement said that the Trump divorce was uncontested, but that reportedly is no longer the case as Vanessa Trump is said to be trying to challenge the prenuptial agreement she signed before marrying Donald Trump Jr. Trump sources say that Melania Trump and Vanessa Trump signed virtually identical prenuptial agreements before marrying into the Trump family.