Two Men Find Out What Labor Contractions Feel Like [Video With Amplified Audio]

Contraction pains, labor. Two things that — for some time — have been widely understood to be very, very painful. But there”s a difference between knowing a thing, and directly experiencing it for yourself.

Dutch television hosts, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, decided to find out for themselves what all the fuss was about for their show Guinea Pigs.

In the clip, the pair are seen writhing and clutching their abdomens after excruciating electronic shocks simulating labor contractions are applied via electrodes.

Before the challenge begins, Zeno can be heard asking a nurse: “Do you think the pain will make us scream?”

To which, one of the nurses present replies matter-of-factly: “Yes, it definitely will.”

What follows are two hours of Storm and Zeno screaming in pain as the simulated contractions course through their bodies.

At the end of their experiment, Zeno concludes the feeling is like torture and muses whether his wife should go through the same pain in the future.

According to the Huffington Post, the Dutch duo’s experiment isn’t the first time a male TV show host has undergone mock labor pains.

In 2009, Dr. Andrew Rochford went through a two-hour childbirth simulation for Australian TV show What’s Good For You.

Just like Storm and Zeno’s ‘pain epiphany,’ Rochford later said of the experience that he could now “understand why women swear.”

Can’t help but agree with the Daily Mail (I know, I know) that millions of women could have told these guys that without all the agony.

What do you think: Was this challenge a waste of time or a useful way for men to understand what women go through in childbirth?