April 25, 2018
'Jersey Shore' Star Mike Sorrentino's Court Date Postponed, Prison Time Still A Possibility

Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino will be facing the music on another day as his court hearing date has been postponed to a later date. "The Situation" should have been sentenced on April 25, 2018, but, Radar Online exclusively learned that the court date has now been moved to June 20, 2018, according to the United States District Court of New Jersey who has jurisdiction of this case. Mike and Marc Sorrentino both pleaded guilty to charges related to tax fraud in January of this year.

"The Situation's" trouble with the law began in 2014 when the Federal Grand Jury asked them to come before the court to answer why they had not paid taxes on $8.9 million worth of income. Originally, Sorrentino faced charges of conspiracy, filing false tax returns for the years 2010 and 2012, and for not filing a tax return for 2011, according to Forbes. Although Mike initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, he changed his plea this year to guilty of one count of tax evasion. His brother, Marc, was initially accused of conspiracy and three counts of filing fraudulent tax returns with the IRS. He also changed his plea to guilty of preparing a false tax return on January 19, 2018. Mike could face up to five years in prison, while Marc faces a possible three-year stint for his fraudulent actions.

During the Los Angeles premiere of Jersey Shore Family Vacation in March this year, Sorrentino said that he was feeling positive about getting closure on this chapter of his life. People reported that he told reporters that "I pretty much tried to better myself in any way possible while facing challenges in life." "The Situation" has indeed faced many dragons and is now 28 months clean of addiction. In an effort to better other's lives he speaks at events to help anyone battling addiction.
In addition to any prison time that the Jersey Shore star may receive, he will have to pay a restitution of $123,913 to the IRS, and a possible fine. The court may also sentence them to a period of supervised release instead of prison time. In the meantime, it seems as if Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has at least two months to enjoy his freedom. If his antics on Jersey Shore are anything to go by, it seems as if he might just make the most of it.