Justin Theroux Doesn't Have A New Girlfriend Despite Link To Aubrey Plaza

Evan Massey

Justin Theroux has seen his name grow in popularity over the last few months. After he and Jennifer Aniston both decided to end their marriage, fans have been wondering when the actor will jump back into the dating game.

A website called Celebrity Insider claimed that Theroux "found himself a new girlfriend" after seeing him having coffee with a brunette. Many immediately bought into the rumor and were surprised that he could find someone new so soon after ending things with Aniston. While quite a few fans may have believed the report, it doesn't appear to be true.

According to a report from Gossip Cop, the report isn't true and Theroux was simply enjoying a coffee with the woman.

"Justin Theroux does not have a 'new girlfriend' following his split from Jennifer Aniston, despite a report."

At this point in time, Theroux is still happily single and enjoying his life. He has not pursued a relationship since breaking things off with Aniston. Theroux is simply enjoying spending some time with some female companions, which is far from being in a committed relationship.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where fake reports come out all the time. Sites like Celebrity Insider are simply out to make money off of clickbait headlines and Gossip Cop has exposed this story for being exactly that.