Kanye West's Nervous Breakdown Was The Result Of Opioid Addiction, Hot 97's Ebro Darden Claims

Kanye West's infamous nervous breakdown in 2016 that caused him to bring an abrupt end to his Saint Pablo tour may have actually been the result of an opioid addiction, a source close to the rapper has revealed.

West was hospitalized for several days in 2016 after a series of bizarre incidents, and there has still been some mystery surrounding the episode. Though West had been open about his struggles with anxiety and mental health in general, there were rumors that there may have been something more behind his hospitalization, and Ebro Darden of Hot 97 may have shed some light on that.

On Ebro in the Morning this week, the host delved into Kanye West's recent turn into politics, backing conservative commentator Candace Owens, one of the most vocal black supporters of Donald Trump. Owens has also been critical of some progressive movements, calling the Black Lives Matter movement "whiners." After West expressed his support, Owens took to Twitter to call on him to have a one-on-one meeting. It is not clear if West has agreed. West has expressed his support for Donald Trump, whom he met in Trump Tower during Trump's transition to president.

Ebro revealed that in a conversation with West over the weekend, the rapper said he felt alone and unsupported when he was struggling with opioid addiction.

"Nobody really showed love for me when I was addicted to opioids and in the hospital," West reportedly told Ebro.

As Page Six noted, at the time that Kanye West was hospitalized in 2016, reports claimed he was suffering from exhaustion as well as anxiety from his wife being robbed at gunpoint in Paris along with the anniversary of his mother's death. That led to a legal battle with the company that insured the tour, which refused to pay out after claiming that marijuana contributed to his breakdown.

The report went on to note that Kanye West has made some reference to addiction in his lyrics, including one about the dangers of going off the drug Lexapro, which is used to treat anxiety and depression.

Ebro noted that Kanye West is still struggling in his personal life, and feels that he is being "demonized" for his personal beliefs. West said his support of Donald Trump as well as Candace Owens is a way to "challenge conventional thought," the Independent noted.