Hulu Cancels 'The Path,' Here's What Fans Can Watch Instead

For fans of Hulu's The Path, the news that the series will not be renewed for a fourth season is devastating. However, here is a list of shows and movies available that will help you replace your Path-shaped hole.

According to Deadline, Hulu will not go ahead with a fourth season of The Path. The Season 3 finale aired on March 28 and this will now serve as the series finale.

The Path's creator, Jessica Goldberg, released the following statement about the cancellation.

"While it's sad that The Path is ending, I'm brimming with gratitude and pride. It was a gift to be able to tell challenging and emotional stories for three seasons in this very strange and unique world."
When the news broke, one of the stars of The Path, Aaron Paul, issued the following statement according to Deadline.
"Sad to say that The Path has ended. Can't thank @hulu enough for making this happen for all of us. What a gift these past three years have been. To everyone who tuned in for these three beautiful season...thank you. We appreciate your love and support. Love and light."
For fans who are shocked by the news and not ready yet to give up the series about a cult that centered on the fictional religion of Meyerism, here's a quick list of other shows like The Path that might be of interest to fans.

Hulu's 'The Path' is cancelled

The Path focuses on a group of religious people. Another series that does that is HBO's Big Love. This series ran for five seasons and centered on a polygamist family who were members of the fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon Church. While the series was fictional, the premise was based on an actual Fundamentalist Mormon cult headed by Warren Jeffs.

The Leftovers is another series from HBO and based on a series of books by Tom Perrotta that fans of The Path might enjoy. The Leftovers begins with a global event called the "Sudden Departure." After millions of humans instantly disappear from earth, a multitude of cults is created.

Fox also have a series called The Following. Here, viewers get to see the darker side of cults as a former FBI agent tries to recapture a serial killer who has his own cult.

While not cult-based, Netflix's Black Mirror is an anthology series that deals with topics that sometimes include cults or cult-like activity.

Finally, Wild Wild Country, also on Netflix, is a documentary series that might also appeal to viewers of The Path. Based on a commune present in Oregon in the 1980s, this documentary centers around the Osho cult and its leader, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Alternatively, fans can just rewatch all three seasons of The Path now on Hulu.