Kim Kardashian Goes Nude Again, Makes Body Mold For New Fragrance Bottle

The queen of selfies is at it again! To promote her new fragrance line that she has titled KKW BODY, the mother of three is taking to her Instagram account to promote her latest endeavor.

Earlier today, the 37-year-old shared a risque close-up photo with fans in which she is pictured from the lips to just above the belly button without clothes. Kardashian drapes her right arm across her chest to cover her nipples but her cleavage is still clearly visible. In the caption of the photo, Kim writes that the photo was taken by Vanessa Beecroft for Kim Kardashian West Fragrance.

But it's the photo that she posted just after the first one that really has Instagrammers buzzing. In her latest post, Kardashian is fully nude and wearing only paint across all areas of her body aside from her face. Her private areas are blurred out in the photo, just in case. The reality star tells fans that they took a mold of her body and made it into a perfume bottle.

Her 110-million-plus followers were clearly intrigued by the photo as it has already gained over 1.1 million likes as well as an impressive 14,000-plus comments after just one hour of being posted. In comparison, Kardashian's previous photo amassed over 1.4 million likes in the span of eight hours.

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But the painted picture gained mixed reviews, with many fans applauding Kardashian for being comfortable in her own skin and others thinking that Kardashian has gone too far this time.

"Wow I definitely love it," one fan commented while another simply called Kardashian a "gorgeous woman."

"Here's the thing I have seen it so much now that I don't find any excitement in it anymore. It's too bad because she is quite beautiful, don't sell yourself so much sweetie," another wrote of the photo.

Kim revealed to fans that the newest part of her fragrance line will drop on April 30. On the KKW website, Kim is already selling small fragrance bottles in three scents — crystal gardenia, crystal gardenia citrus, and crystal gardenia OUD. In addition to just fragrances, the website also sells gift cards for purchase.

In a recent issue of Business Fashion, Kim called her latest set of fragrances "amazing" before going on to say that the scent is really good and that she is really proud of her latest endeavor. She compared the scent to what she believes "golden" would smell like.

Fans can purchase the fragrance starting next Monday.