Netflix's New Post-Apocalyptic Drama, 'The Rain': Imagine A World Where The Rain Could Kill You

For fans of post-apocalyptic and world drama series, Netflix is getting set to release The Rain. Set in the post-apocalyptic world of Scandinavia, Netflix describes this drama series as suspenseful, gritty, and ominous.

If you enjoyed Netflix's recent hit, Dark, and the dark suspense of foreign series, The Rain is set to excite. Set six years after a post-apocalyptic event that saw the rain destroy mankind, two siblings set out in an attempt to find not only safety, but also the cause of the devastation.

According to the synopsis, it was the rain that caused the post-apocalyptic landscape of this series. Filled with a brutal virus, it helped eradicate nearly all of the people in Scandinavia.

Simone (Alba August) and Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen) star as the siblings who have been trapped in a bunker for six years according to i09. Their story opens when they finally step outside and try to find a new life.

Even now, the rain is still considered potentially dangerous and Simone and Ramus must navigate the outside world as though it can still kill them. Imagine how hard that would be, considering that at any given moment, rain could fall and you could become contaminated.

Netflix's 'The Rain,' post apocalyptic drama series, yellow hazmat suit
Netflix | Per Arnesen

Netflix has dropped the new trailer for The Rain and it reveals that Rasmus might be the key to the source of the contamination. You can view the new trailer below.

With the tagline of "Who will you be when the rain comes?" viewers already suspect there will be plenty of drama when the series drops globally on May 4.

Along the way, Simon and Rasmus encounter other survivors. However, as can be expected in any post-apocalyptic drama, these characters in The Rain might not be who they seem as they all struggle to survive. Even in the midst of it all, though, the usual human elements of love, jealousy, and many of the coming of age dilemmas still exist in this climate.

The Rain is created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen, and Christian Potalivo. The post-apocalyptic drama series stars Alba August, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, Lars Simonsen, Iben Hjejle, Angela Bundalovic, Sonny Lindberg, Jessica Dinnage, Lukas Lokken, and Johannes Kuhnke.

The Rain premieres globally on Netflix on May 4.