Does Cameran Eubanks Want Another Baby With Husband Jason? 'Southern Charm' Star Confirms Family Plans

Cameran Eubanks and her husband, Jason Wimberly, welcomed their first child, Palmer Corrine Wimberly, in November and now, months later, she's dishing on her future plans for more kids.

During a new interview, the longtime reality star, who was hesitant to get pregnant in the first place, revealed that she has absolutely no interest in going through with another pregnancy.

"I will not have more kids in the future," Eubanks told The Daily Dish on Tuesday.

According to Eubanks, she and Wimberly had a long talk about their future family during their anniversary celebration last week and during the conversation, they both weighed the pros and cons of the situation. In turn, they decided against expanding their family any further.

As fans of Southern Charm may recall, a psychic healer at one of her co-star Patricia Altschul's parties during Season 4 predicted that Eubanks and Wimberly would have three children in their family, Eubanks is now saying that she simply couldn't handle having more than one child in her care. As she explained, she doesn't have the personality for multiple children and feels that being a mommy of one is more her speed.

Eubanks, who first gained reality fame after appearing on The Real World: San Diego, went on to say that she didn't enjoy the process of being pregnant and was kind of "mortified" by the entire experience. That said, she couldn't be happier to have baby Palmer in her life.

"I am glad that I went through with it. I love Palmer," Eubanks gushed. "It is so true, like the saying, 'When you have a baby, your heart lives outside of your body.'"

Throughout her five-season run as a full-time cast member on Southern Charm, Eubanks' husband has remained off camera. Although their relationship and marriage has been addressed on the show, Eubanks has made it clear that her husband has absolutely no interest in becoming a reality star and prefers to remain on the outside.

Although Wimberly is not a part of the cast, he is close with a number of the show's stars and is frequently seen in their social media photos.

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