MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims Hackers Responsible For Anti-Gay Blog Posts

Robert Jonathan

Past homophobic content found on Joy Reid's blog is back in the news. Joy Reid is the liberal pundit who hosts the political talk show AM Joy on MSNBC on weekends from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern, and enjoys a following among the anti-Trump #Resistance movement.

In December 2017, Reid issued a lengthy apology about unearthed blog posts that she wrote about Florida politician Charlie Crist, the ex-governor and current congressman, a former Republican and independent who is now a Democrat, in which she apparently implied that he was a closeted gay man. Reid authored the material about 10 years ago when she was a Florida political blogger and talk show host.

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Additional blog posts have now surfaced, Mediaite has reported, which Reid claims were not written by her, run counter to her belief system, and were fabricated to harm her reputation, in an exclusive statement provided to Mediaite.

"[T]he MSNBC host claims these posts from The Reid Report -- which include defending homophobia, gay jokes, and the outright mocking of gay people and homosexuality -- were somehow put in by an 'external party' that "manipulated material from my now-defunct blog"… These anti-gay articles from The Reid Report, a site that pre-dated Reid's former MSNBC show of the same name, were originally shared on Twitter by user Jamie_Maz who found them using the Wayback Machine…"

Mediaite continued its discussion about the posts in question, implying that the explanation may not completely hold up.

"While the amateur sleuth provided Mediaite with legitimate links to all of the posts they tweeted screenshots of, neither the actual defunct site nor its archived pages are currently accessible, as their Wayback Machine links mysteriously disappeared in December…It is worth noting, however, that Reid does admit these posts came from her blog -- rather than alleging they are doctored images posted to Twitter -- with the caveat that they were added by nefarious hackers after she had the site shut down. It's unclear when the nefarious hackers would have hacked her site and added the controversial content, since it has been defunct for years and still is. More importantly, NBC could or would not specify exactly which posts Reid is claiming were doctored."

Journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept, and Edward Snowden fame, has insisted that liberal news outlets are ignoring the Joy Reid hacking allegations for ideological reasons, which will probably take Reid off the hook. "Reid's ideology is in accordance with theirs, and they therefore don't care if she's lying or telling the truth when denying authorship of these bigoted articles, nor do they care about the anti-LGBT bigotry itself."

The Internet Archive, which operates the Wayback Machine, addressed the Joy Reid hacking claim today.

"...When we reviewed the archives, we found nothing to indicate tampering or hacking of the Wayback Machine versions. At least some of the examples of allegedly fraudulent posts provided to us had been archived at different dates and by different entities. We let Reid's lawyers know that the information provided was not sufficient for us to verify claims of manipulation..."

There continues to be a lot of skepticism on social media about Joy Reid's explanation.

"Meanwhile, additional homophobic slurs from Reid's past have surfaced – this time from her Twitter account. Mediaite even unearthed a 2016 tweet in which Reid joked about removing damaging information from the Wayback Machine. MSNBC's biggest star, Rachel Maddow, is openly gay and the blog posts include insults directed at Maddow."