Breaking: Derek Fisher Engaged To Gloria Govan

Former NBA star Derek Fisher and Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan are officially engaged! After two years of dating, the couple has finally taken their relationship to the next level.

TMZ reported the engagement, although there is no word yet on when the two will actually get married.

At the beginning of their relationship, Fisher and Govan went through a bit of drama due to Govan's ex, Matt Barnes. Barnes was a former teammate of Fisher's and was not happy that the two decided to get together. He went as far as to start a fight with Fisher, claiming that it was for his children's safety that he chose to do so.

"I was like, 'What's wrong, Carter?' and he shook his head 'no.' Then he lays his head down on the couch, puts a pillow in front of his face and says, 'Mommy's friend Derek is here,'"

Barnes said that he felt that his children were uncomfortable with Fisher being around them so much. He texted a friend after the fight with Fisher and said the following:

"I kicked his a** from the back yard to the front room, and spit in her face."
While there was pure hatred between Fisher and Barnes awhile back, the two have seemed to work things out. Barnes has even said that the issues have been resolved and that the two are now friends.

Fisher went all out in planning his approach to asking Govan to marry him. He reportedly had her friends take her out while he decorated the house. According to the TMZ report, Fisher had candles and flower petals waiting for her when she got home.

More news will come out in the near future about when the couple plans to tie the knot. When that news becomes available, we will make sure to have that for you!