'Days Of Our Lives' Episode Recap 4/24: Chad Claims Rape Of Abby, Arrested For Stefan's Assault

The most recent Days of Our Lives storyline has been intense. Abigail's alternate personality, Gabby -- dubbed Gabigail by viewers -- has fallen in love with Stefan DiMera. In an effort to gain control over Abby's mind and keep her away for good, Gabigail and Stefan had sex last week on Days.

The moment the storyline between Stefan and Abby's alternate personality became sexual, Days of Our Lives fans had concerns of rape. Many Days viewers were irate with the storyline and the writers, claiming that when Stefan had sex with a woman he knew was mentally unwell, he became a rapist.

This week's run of NBC's Days of Our Lives began with Chad walking in on his wife in bed with his brother. Chad, who is both heartbroken and infuriated, blames Stefan for brainwashing Abby. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chad demands to know what Stefan has done to his wife. He begs him to give Abigail back to him, and when Stefan refuses, Chad lunges after him with a barrage of punches and kicks that were meant to kill him.

Gabigail, determined to stop the attack on Stefan, does her best to block Chad's punches. In the last breath effort to speak, Stefan tells Gabigail to run. Gabigail runs away from the mansion just before Hope and Rafe enter to find Chad continuing his assault on Stefan's unresponsive body.

Rafe is able to pull Chad away from Stefan and calm him down slightly. Chad tells Hope and Rafe that he found Abby, wearing a wig, in bed with Stefan. He claims that Abby is not acting like herself and that Stefan has raped her. Chad believes that Abby could be in grave danger and begs to go and find her. Hope regretfully informs Chad that he cannot go anywhere. Hope arrests Chad for the aggravated assault of Stefan DiMera.

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Rafe places Stefan under arrest and heads to the hospital with JJ in the ambulance. There are a lot of unanswered questions that Rafe plans on asking Stefan about when, or if, he wakes up.

At this point, Stefan's chances of living through the beating are less than 50 percent. Hope informs Chad that, if Stefan dies, he will be looking at murder charges. With the support of many Days of Our Lives viewers, Chad admits that he doesn't care if Stefan dies. Chad believes Stefan came to Salem for one purpose, to take everything important away from him.

Although Chad still incorrectly blames Stefan for killing Andre, the pieces are beginning to come together. Everyone in Salem will soon know that the woman wearing the wig in Hong Kong, as well as the DiMera security footage, was Gabigail.

Across town, Days viewers watched with anticipation as Steve spoke to Gabigail about love and family, wondering whether or not Abby was strong enough to break Gabigail's hold. Steve is bound to realize something is off after he witnesses her talking to herself. With an APB out for her whereabouts, Gabigail heads to the hospital to be with Stefan.

Days of Our Lives also moved forward with the Bella contest storyline. Wyatt and Ciara head to dinner to rub their reunion in Tripp's face. Just as Tripp is handing Wyatt's phone to Ciara, a text from Claire flashes across the screen. Tripp now knows that Claire has something to do with Wyatt's return to Ciara's life. NBC will have the today's full episode of Days of Our Lives available for viewing tomorrow.