'Southern Charm' Star Naomie Olindo Has 'No Regrets' For Calling Out J.D. As A Cheater

It would not be a Southern Charm gathering without a bit of controversy, but viewers did not expect the drama to come from Naomie Olindo and J.D. Madison over his separation from wife Elizabeth. After the Southern Charm episode aired, Naomie Olindo got pushback from an unlikely source, Elizabeth Madison, the woman she defended. But regardless of the fallout, Naomie says that she does not regret getting her feelings about J.D. Madison off her chest.

Southern Charm Star Naomie Olindo Has No Regrets For Calling Out J.D.

Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo says that after watching the episode, she has no regrets at all, according to Bravo.
"Oh yeah, it felt really good. It was definitely something that was a long time coming. I had so much frustration that had really built up for months and months and months and I couldn't understand why no one had ever said anything to him before. Watching it back, it was pretty much the same thing. I felt good about my decision to do it and was just glad that he realized that people knew and were talking about it and it wasn't flying under the radar anymore."
Elizabeth Madison's reaction came as a surprise to Naomie Olindo because the two had discussed the matter in advance.

"It was discussed and it was out in the open between the two of us."

On Twitter, after hearing that Elizabeth had backed J.D. Madison, Naomie Olindo said she was sad, but she wished Elizabeth good luck in the future.

Naomie Olindo Wanted To Support Elizabeth When J.D. Talked About Separation

"Of course everything I said tonight was approved before AND discussed after with Liz. Sad to see her covering for him again. I wish you the best."
But while Elizabeth Madison had expressed dismay at what Naomie had to say and the way she said it, she didn't accuse Olindo of being untruthful. The Decider says that though they are not yet divorced, J.D. Madison confirmed that he and Elizabeth had been separated for months when Southern Charm started shooting in September.

J.D. Madison told Thomas Ravenel that he was living in the guest house.

"Technically, we've been separated for a couple months now."
But on Twitter, J.D. seemed offended when people asked if he was divorced after Naomie told him off at Shep's party.
"Liz & I have a great relationship. The rumors about divorce are just ridiculous. We are separated & doing what is best for our family."

Naomie Olindo Was Speaking The Truth About J.D.'s Financial Struggles

While cheating allegations about J.D. are still rumors at this time, news of his financial trials and tribulations were all over the news when this season's shooting started for Southern Charm Season 5. In September, J.D. Madison's bar and restaurant, The Gentry Bar, closed for good at the King Street location. OpenTable says that The Gentry Bar & Room is "permanently closed." At the time, Madison said that the restaurant was moving to a new location, but currently, that is not the case.

Madison is now facing a federal lawsuit as he owes his former landlord $163,000 in back rent, which was why he was evicted. The links for the hotel and restaurant on the Gentry site are dead, but it seems that you can still order Gentry Bourbon online for $30 as well as in a list of liquor stores across South Carolina.

It's safe to say that on the rest of the season of Southern Charm, Naomie Olindo will not kiss and make up with J.D. Madison and that she is now suspicious of Elizabeth's loyalty to J.D. after all of the rumors have surfaced about infidelity.