5 Celebs Who Are On The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet - or, Ketogenic Diet as it's known in professional medical and nutritional circles - has become the latest popular diet fad among celebrities. Celebs male and female, young and old, across multiple different media, all swear by the high-fat, low-carb diet that was originally intended to treat epilepsy in children.

Here are five celebrities who swear by the Keto Diet.

Tim McGraw

The country musician got a little help from his friends in taking up the Keto Diet - specifically, Denny Hemingson, Tim's longtime bandleader. According to Denny, Tim and his entire crew have taken up the diet, and in the process, Tim has taken off 40 pounds.It's not just the diet that has helped Tim shed the pounds. His band has taken up an exercise regime that includes pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and sprints in parking lots between shows and eschews that favorite of country musicians everywhere - beer.

Denny tells Keto Flavor that Tim is the one who keeps the band on track.

"Tim is a beast, man, he keeps me on my toes."

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa's rags-to-riches story graces this month's edition of Glamour, but what has caught her fans' attention, as reported by the Inquisitr, is her staggering weight loss.That's thanks to the Keto Diet. Taking up the popular diet, as well as making the decision to stop obsessing about her weight, helped the Bridesmaids actress shed 75 pounds.

Kobe Bryant

You would think that being a professional athlete would mean that you are automatically at the top of your game, so to speak, when it comes to nutrition and exercise. However, for Kobe Bryant, it seems that the Keto Diet is preferred over whatever his team nutritionists recommend.In fact, Bryant's whole team seems to have gotten on board with Keto, as Lakers trainer Gary Vitti said.
"Pasture-fed foods, pasture-grazed beef from pasture-few cow, eggs from free-range chicken… are just some of the main staples of Bryant's diet. Sugars, specifically anything with corn syrup should be avoided, and the intake of carbohydrates has been scaled down, consumed in moderation."

Mick Jagger

At 70, and with decades of touring in a rock & roll band under his belt, Mick Jagger has some miles on him. However, he's been clean and sober for several years now, according to Keto Flavor. And in addition to putting the hard living behind him, he's also put aside the carb-heavy diet he favored in favor of Keto.Of course, the Rolling Stone member balances his diet plan with plenty of exercise, which includes running up to eight miles per day.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow, the author of several cookbooks, has been eschewing carbs not only in her own life, but she avoids giving them to her children as well. That has led some to conclude that her kids, who appear thin compared to the more portly average American kid, are not getting proper nutrition.In fact, the Keto Diet that Gwyneth gives her children is just fine, according to food writer Joanna Blythman.
"If the daily diet in the Paltrow household includes protein (fish/meat/eggs/pulses), unprocessed fats (butter/olive oil), plenty of vegetables and some fruit, then it is healthy, nutrient-rich and lacking in nothing. If that's what the Paltrow kids eat, she's doing them a favor."
The Keto Diet does, at first, seem to promise amazing results, if these celeb stories are to be believed. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that all of these celebrities added a fitness program to their diet, they didn't just do Keto alone. So if you plan on taking up the Keto Diet (and of course, never take on a new diet without first discussing with your doctor), make sure you add plenty of doctor-approved exercise as well.