'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: Executive Producer Addresses Idea That Cast Will Be All-Stars, Teases Twists Ahead

Stacy Carey

This summer fans of Big Brother will be tuning into the 20th season, and the expectations will be high for this outing to be something special. Every summer, fans speculate about whether there will be "all-stars" or series veterans playing, and that buzz seems to be especially prevalent considering this is such a key season. Executive Producer Allison Grodner is opening up a bit about what is on the way for BB20 and she has specifically addressed the idea of having an all-star cast for Big Brother 20.

As Big Brother Network details, Allison Grodner recently spoke with Gold Derby and shared some updates on where the casting process stands. The Big Brother executive producer acknowledged that Season 20 will be a big one, and she noted that they have a lot of special things already planned.

Grodner detailed that she knows that some viewers are expecting an all-star cast, but she says they've "pretty much put that to rest." Allison shares that this will be a brand-new cast and that they are working through the casting process right now. Granted, that doesn't mean that the producers can't shift gears before the premiere and ultimately incorporate some Big Brother veterans. However, at least for now, it looks like the focus is on having all newbies involved.

Viewers were most recently treated to a celebrity version of Big Brother, and host Julie Chen has teased that the celebrity version may continue in the future. However, in terms of traditional seasons, the 20th will debut this summer, and Big Brother spoilers so far hint that it will be a competition worthy of this monumental anniversary. Stay tuned for additional BB20 spoilers as they emerge and start counting down to the premiere date that is just a couple of months away.