Free Dining Is Back For Fall And Winter 2018: Walt Disney World's Popular Discount Has Returned - Full Details

Danny Cox

While there are millions of people who visit Walt Disney World every single year, there are dozens of thousands who long and wait for one major discount they hope will arrive. The "Free Disney Dining" is one that they always hope will return, but it is not something that is guaranteed to be released each and every year. Well, rumors have been circulating for weeks and early on Tuesday morning, it finally went live and you need to hurry if you plan on taking advantage of it.

Guests are always hoping that the free dining perk will be available every year, as it can save them a great deal of money. Sure, some are quite pessimistic, since they don't believe the discount actually gives you the dining plan for "free," but some feel saving hundreds of dollars is still worth it.

Walt Disney World's official website has already added the discount to its page of special offers, deals, and discounts, which means it is available to everyone. Now, there are a number of things to remember with Free Disney Dining, which could take you out of the qualifications for it.

Disney is experiencing a ton of traffic with the release of this new discount on Tuesday morning which is causing its site to crash, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. My Mickey Vacation Travel does have the information listed as well with all of the details listed below as well as some additional requirements and limitations.

It's also extremely limited, as not all Walt Disney World Resorts are participating, and those that are included will have a limited amount of rooms available for the discount.

One of the most important things to know about Free Disney Dining is what date you can arrive and get the discount. Well, here are all of the dates you need to know for this year's offer:

Guests staying at Deluxe Resorts, they will receive the Regular Disney Dining plan for free.

One thing to remember is that having a room booked does not automatically give you the discount or the savings. It must be applied to your vacation package and each participating resort only has a certain allotment of rooms that are available for free dining.

For those wanting to book this new discount or have it applied to their trip, here are the qualifications:

It should not come as a surprise, but there are some resorts which will not participate in this discount, and that is nothing new. This means that if you're already booked at one of these resorts and are looking to participate in Free Disney Dining, you're going to have to move your stay.

Here are the excluded resorts for 2018:

For guests wanting to take advantage of this offer, you're going to want to book it or apply it as soon as possible. The availability will book up quickly, as it is a great deal, and it is in place for some of the more popular months of the year, through Halloween and Christmas.

With that being said, it may even end up being difficult to find a regular-priced room. As reported by My Mickey Vacation Travel, you can have a trip already booked and still apply the discount if your trip meets the parameters and requirements of it.