'Days Of Our Lives' Episode Recap 4/23: Gabi And Stefan Bloody On The Floor, Abby Runs Off, Chad In Trouble

The current storyline for Days of Our Lives revealed that Abigail DiMera has a condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The trauma related to Andre DiMera's murder caused Abby's psyche to fragment. Abby has two alter personalities: Dr. Laura and Gabby.

Recent episodes of Days of Our Lives have caused mixed feelings for viewers who dislike the way in which the show has portrayed mental illness. Days fans have taken to social media over the weekend to discuss what some consider sexual assault between two characters.

Abby's alternate personality Gabby, referred to by fans as Gabigail to negate confusion, has fallen in love with Stefan DiMera. Determined to gain absolute control over Abby's mind and body, Gabigail pursues Stefan and, on Friday's episode of Days of Our Lives, the couple made love. Many fans of the show were irate, claiming that when Stefan had sex with Gabigail, he became a rapist.

Days of Our Lives left off on Friday afternoon with a whopper of a cliffhanger, ending at the very moment that Chad DiMera, Abby's husband, walked in on Gabigail and Stefan in bed together. Social media began buzzing the instant the show stopped. Arguments continued throughout the weekend.

The April 23 episode of Days of Our Lives begins at the Salem police department. Rafe and Hope are working hard to prove that Gabi did not kill Andre, with the hopes of getting her released from prison.

They recently received the surveillance tapes which reveal Abby, more accurately Gabigail, was the dark-haired woman in at the Hong Kong hotel. This piece of evidence also shows that the woman walking out of Andre's office the evening of his murder was most likely Abby.

Hope reminds Rafe that "obvious and proof are two very different things in the eyes of the law." Speculation is not proof, and there is not enough proof at this point to clear Gabi. Rafe admits that Hope is right. There are too many questions still left unanswered. They head out to talk to Marlena, hoping that she can shed some light on the subject.

Unfortunately, Marlena is trapped in the tunnels beneath the DiMera mansion with Vivian and Kate. Vivian is in the process of revealing the truth about Andre's murder, however, Kate is reluctant to listen.

Kate believes that Stefan killed Andre and used Abigail to frame Gabi.

Marlena explains to Kate how Disassociative Identity Order generally manifests after a trauma. She reveals the details of her conversation with Abby's other personality, Dr. Laura.

The trauma causing Abby's psyche to fracture was something that Abby did recently, and she clarified that it was not something done to her.

Marlena suggests "We have to consider the possibility that Abby killed Andre and its that trauma that made her spit." The answer lies within Abby.

Kate admits that it is possible that the woman Chad loves killed the brother he loves. Vivian replied, "don't forget the wife he loves, loves the brother he hates."

Gabi is currently locked behind bars at Statesville prison. While in the common area, Gabi runs into a woman named Dianne, who has a major bone to pick with Gabi. Dianne is the girlfriend of ex-commissioner Lou Raines. Days of Our Lives fans may remember Lou as the man who kidnapped Gabi and is currently serving time in prison.

Dianne held Gabi down and repeatedly beat her. The other women in the prison came to join in, holding Gabi down so that Dianne could beat her within an inch of her life. Today's Days of Our Lives episode leaves Gabi lying on the floor bleeding.

On the other side of Salem, a shocked Chad walks in on his wife in bed with his brother, Stefan. He is devastated. He looks at his wife with absolute hurt and utter confusion. "Abby, baby," he says. "What are you doing?"

Abby replies with a snide and simple answer. "What does it look like?"

Chad asks, "did you sleep together?" Abby responds with the answer that every Days of Our Lives viewer already knows the answer to. "Yes, and I plan on doing it again."

Chad, looking like he is going to throw up, begs Abby to put her clothes on. He begs her to snap out of it and come back him. He is begging to wake up from the horrible nightmare that he has walked into.

Chad, glaring at Stefan, warns him to stop talking. He wants to know what Stefan has done to his wife. He wants Stefan to undo whatever brainwashing he has done and give his wife back to him. What he really wants at this moment is to kill him.

Chad, in a moment of animal instinct, lunges at Stefan. The first punch knocks Stefan backward onto the bed. A fury of punches follow. Gabigail is scared for her love interest and lays herself on top of Stefan, hoping to stop the barrage.

Struggling for a voice, Stefan tells Gabigail to run, so she does. Chad begins to follow after his wife but stops himself. He heads back into the bedroom to finish what he started. Chad is furious with Stefan. He drags Stefan's incapacitated body out of the bed and begins kicking him repeatedly.

Today's Days of Our Lives episode ends with Rafe tearing Chad away from Stefan's beaten and bloody body. The last scene Days viewers see is Stefan, barely alive, laying on the floor of the very bedroom he shared with Gabigail mere moments before.