Kris Bryant Update: Chicago Cubs 3B Bonked On The Head By 96 MPH Pitch Sunday, What’s His Status?

On Sunday, the Cubs tweeted that he had 'passed all tests thus far.'

kris bryant has the day off
David Zalubowski / AP Images

On Sunday, the Cubs tweeted that he had 'passed all tests thus far.'

Kris Bryant will be enjoying a much-needed day off today, along with the rest of his Chicago Cubs teammates, catching a breather in Cleveland after taking a brutal hit in Sunday’s game. His status for tomorrow’s opener against the Indians, however, remains in doubt.

In case you missed it on Sunday, the Cubs third baseman was beaned in the head by a 96 MPH fastball from Rockies pitcher German Marquez, as NESN reports. After taking the hit directly above the right eyelid, a visibly-shaken Bryant struggled to remain on his feet, being held up by coach Joe Maddon, as the Cubs coaching staff rushed to his aid.

Bryant then left the game.

Fortunately for Bryant and the Cubs, early indications are that he’s OK. Not long after the incident, even as the game was still being played, the Cubs tweeted that Bryant had passed “all concussion-related tests.” He was then hustled onto a flight to Cleveland, where the Cubs will enjoy Monday’s day off before beginning a two-day series against the Tribe.

As of this writing, Bryant’s status remains uncertain. But so far, indications are that he’s going to be OK.

As The Sporting News reports, Cubs manager Joe Maddon hasn’t heard much from the team, beyond the news that the C-word is off the table.

“I have not heard of anything awful, but they’re still watching him. I have not heard the word ‘concussion’ yet.”

In fact, by all accounts, it appears as if Bryant dodged a potentially serious injury. As of the most recent statements from the Cubs about the issue, all that is known for certain is that Bryant suffered a laceration above his right eye.

Whether or not Bryant will return to the lineup for Tuesday’s game remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, another person on the Cubs payroll who will be feeling the pain of Bryant’s injury is Cubs hitting coach Chili Davis. He was ejected from the game for arguing with the umpires – and throwing his drink in their general direction. He will undoubtedly be getting a phone call from the Commissioner’s Office about that.

“I’m sorry I got a little emotional. I said what I said and I was done, and all of a sudden I have an umpire screaming at me, telling me ‘shut up or else.’ Or else what? I’m emotional. One of my hitters just got hit in the head.”

This is a developing story. If and when Kris Bryant’s status for Tuesday’s game is made known, that information will be provided by the Inquisitr.