‘RHOBH’ Reunion: Fights, Drama, And What Really Happened At The Beach House, Per ‘Us Weekly’

The latest report about the 'RHOBH' reunion promises to showcase more catfights and drama than ever before.

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Tommy Garcia / Bravo

The latest report about the 'RHOBH' reunion promises to showcase more catfights and drama than ever before.

If there’s one thing we can count on all of the so-called “real Housewives” for, it’s bringing the drama in spades to the viewership. And, if the latest reports about the RHOBH reunion are to be believed, we can expect more of the same from the lovely ladies of Beverly Hills.

According to Us Weekly, who has all the details about the RHOBH reunion, fans of the show will be delighted to know that the drama will kick off once again beginning April 24, and the first thing we’re all going to see is the battle royale between Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley.

Apparently, their drama originated with the infamous “beach house” incident. Fans will recall that Kyle originally got in her feelings hurt when, at Teddi Mellencamp’s beach house, Erika Girardi left early instead of spending the night. Kyle, never one to hide her feelings, decided to announce her distaste about this with the group, and Dorit, never one to keep a secret, went ahead and told Erika what Kyle said.

And then, to add fuel to the ever-burning drama fire, Dorit brought up what Kyle said — again — at the reunion. Isn’t she just the best?

Kyle then told Dorit what we were all thinking: She created a “mountain out of a molehill” and started a whole mess of drama for nothing.

That’s when the blonde wigs started flying and the claws really started coming out. Dorit kept insisting that Kyle really did have a bad reaction, and it was even worse when the cameras went down, while Kyle kept insisting that it was the “cameras” that blew everything out of proportion.

Erika, meanwhile, will finally get to tell her side of the story on the RHOBH reunion. According to the outlet, Erika claims that while fans have seen her lose her temper, they haven’t really seen the worst parts of her and that she actually has a “lot more anger” than she lets on or shows the cameras.

Erika also claims that she hasn’t really lost her temper with her Real Housewives co-stars, but there’s the intimation that she just may do so in the near future.

The RHOBH reunion will air on Bravo Tuesday, April 24, at 9 p.m ET.