April Love Geary, Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend, Defends Breastfeeding Photo: ‘Don’t Be A Hypocrite’

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April Love Geary took to Instagram to share a beautiful picture taken by her boyfriend, Robin Thicke, of her breastfeeding their daughter, Mia. While fully topless in the picture, her daughter covers half her chest while enjoying a meal and she semi-censored the other half with what appears to be an “x” made out of tape.

Public breastfeeding has always been a hotly debated topic. Celebrities and their significant others always get a special place in the spotlight when they make the decision to share a breastfeeding picture on social media. It didn’t take long for April to become a victim of public breastfeed shaming.

According to E! News, the photo was littered with comments criticizing the mother for her decision to share the picture on social media. Unfortunately for Geary, the criticism did not end in the comments of her Instagram photo. British TV personality Chanelle Hayes decided to express her opinion on Twitter while slamming the mother for her decision to share the picture online.

Hayes – who is a mother herself – clarified that she had no issues with parents who decided to breastfeed their child. She just didn’t understand why the parents felt the need to share intimate pictures of themselves breastfeeding their children online.

The comments in Chanelle’s status are pretty mixed as far as those supporting what she said and those arguing with her. One user noted that parents don’t typically post as many pictures of themselves bottle feeding, just breastfeeding. A second supporter noted that “going to the bathroom” is also a natural act, but they don’t want to see pictures of babies doing that either.

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There were, however, a few users who slammed Chanelle for being a hypocrite, noting that they didn’t understand why it was all right for her to pose nude for a magazine cover while Geary could not take a picture of herself feeding her child.

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Robin Thicke’s girlfriend made it clear that she wasn’t afraid to get personal and defend herself with a second post on Instagram with a screenshot of Hayes’ status on Twitter along with a censored version of her nude picture. In the caption of her picture, she clarified that she didn’t believe there was anything wrong with nudes, she just thought Hayes was being a hypocrite.

“The naked body is a beautiful thing! But don’t be a hypocrite mama.”

April received many positive comments from her followers on Instagram for her follow-up post in the comments section.