Pauley Perrette Feels She’s ‘Earned Time To Herself’ After Leaving ‘NCIS’

After leaving 'NCIS' and saying goodbye to Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette hopes to enjoy a more private and single lifestyle.

Pauley Perrette on walking away from NCIS
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After leaving 'NCIS' and saying goodbye to Abby Sciuto, Pauley Perrette hopes to enjoy a more private and single lifestyle.

Pauley Perrette’s character on NCIS, forensic specialist Abby Sciuto, has been one of the most beloved crime fighters on television for a decade and a half. After playing the role for 15 years, Perrette decided to walk away from the show. Both herself and her fans are having a pretty hard time letting go of the forensic scientist with a neck tattoo.

During an interview with CBS News, Pauley revealed just how emotional letting go of the character was for her. She noted it was difficult to imagine a world without Abby in it. Perrette claimed that she often found herself crying in her vehicle as she struggled to let go of the character. She noted that part of the reason why she loved the character so much was because of how cool and interesting Abby made forensic science for young women.

Perhaps what fans find most interesting about Pauley Perrette and Abby Sciuto is the fact that the actress herself is a natural blonde and none of the body art is real. Abby’s gorgeous black hair comes from a bottle and the iconic neck tattoo is applied in the make-up trailer before every filming.

While Perrett has always been very open about the fact that she loves her career as an actress, she’s not a big fan of the spotlight that comes with it. In fact, she prefers to spend her free time hanging out at home with her dogs. During the interview, the NCIS star noted that she feels as though she’s earned a little bit of privacy to do her own thing.

When asked whether this meant she would pursue having a love life, she quickly responded with “no.” She noted that she “tried it” and having a love life just wasn’t for her. Perrette revealed that she was “delighted” and much happier with life since she realized romance wasn’t a good fit for her.

Pauley also talked about wanting to be able to go to church a little more often. She did note during the interview that church should be on the list of places you never go to chase down your favorite celebrity. She clarified that hospitals, churches, and bathrooms should be off limits out of respect for entertainment stars. When she goes to church, she’s there for a reason and doesn’t want to be bombarded by fans.

Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, and Brian Dietzen of NCIS
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For the time being, Perrette is not sure what her future holds. She knows she just wants to spend time at home with her dogs for a while, though she noted that there are a lot of conversations being had and offers being made for where to go next.