Ohio Licensed Gun Owner And Mom Accidentally Shoots 2-Year-Old Daughter

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An Ohio licensed gun owner reportedly took the life of her 2-year-old daughter in a hotel late Friday night. The Wickliffe Police Department announced the tragic incident on their Facebook page and stated that the matter is still being investigated.

At 10:58 p.m. on Friday, a 911 call was placed from a hotel on Euclid Avenue alerting police that a 2-year-old girl had been shot. A police officer arrived first to the scene and began to administer CPR. Paramedics responded to the scene a short time later and continued to administer CPR while employing other lifesaving methods. The unnamed child was taken to Lake Health West Medical Center where she was pronounced dead soon afterward.

After a preliminary probe into the case, Wickliffe police currently believe that the fatal shooting was unintentional. However, authorities are investigating further to determine whether or not criminal charges should be filed against the mother. Early reports claim that the mother was handling the gun when it discharged and struck the little girl in the chest.

Evidence and statements were collected at the scene by the Lake County Crime Lab as well as the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office. They were able to confirm that the mother is in possession of a concealed carry gun permit and that her gun was obtained legally.

Gun Permit Application
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Authorities have not released the names of the mother nor the victim as “extended family is still being notified.” The department has asked that the community keep the “child and her family” in their prayers.

The incident has fueled an already intense debate surrounding the Second Amendment and the current movement to enact tighter gun control laws. While the mother is licensed to own and carry her weapon, the question is being raised by some on social media regarding what steps should be taken to prevent accidental shootings from happening.

Twitter user @RepublicanSwine adamantly refutes the notion of an “accidental shooting.” The self-proclaimed gun owner of over 40 years has never fired a gun unintentionally and called the mother negligent. Marine Corps veteran @OIFvetUSMC02 echoed that sentiment and blamed parents for not taking necessary precautions while handling guns around their children.