Spotify Brings David Bowie Back To New York With Huge 'Subway Takeover' In Manhattan

Kristine Moore

After alighting on the platforms of New York's Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street stations in Manhattan, you could be forgiven for wondering if you had actually stepped onto another planet and whether there is really life on Mars, as Spotify has dedicated these adjoining stations to a huge David Bowie Subway Takeover.

The new David Bowie-themed Subway Takeover just went up last Tuesday and is part of the promotion for the Brooklyn Museum's "David Bowie Is" exhibition, which is set to run until July 15. However, as Variety reported, the new Bowie-ized subway in New York is not just a mere addendum to the exhibition, but is also a beautifully decorated homage to the artist himself, and at the present time could really be considered a major exhibition in its own right.

As David Bowie spent the last 20 years of his life happily nestled in this neighborhood of Manhattan, Spotify's Subway Takeover seeks to examine the artist in relation to New York, both as a resident and also as a visitor and spectator of this glittering city of lights.

As David once gratefully spoke of the city, he felt an inner peace and freedom living here that he couldn't feel anywhere else, according to AM New York.

"I have a great time here: we can go where we want, eat where we want, walk out with our child, go to the park, ride the subway, do the things that any family does."

With gorgeous stills that were shot in Midtown of his "Space Oddity" video, to pictures of a Carnegie Hall concert in 1972, you will find David Bowie emblazoned in your very being by the time you have made your way through the subway.

— BrooklynVegan (@brooklynvegan) April 17, 2018

However, these MetroCards are still available at their normal price from the subways vending machines, although the New York City Subway Twitter account has said that some of these are currently being restocked.

— NYCT Subway (@NYCTSubway) April 17, 2018

Spotify's David Bowie Subway Takeover will be running in New York until May 13.