Best Podcasts: ‘Crime In Sports’ Is The Must-Listen True Crime Podcast Of 2018

Review of one of the funniest true crime podcasts of 2018, and a look at what makes this show so popular.

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Review of one of the funniest true crime podcasts of 2018, and a look at what makes this show so popular.

When looking for the best true crime podcasts, there is no shortage of options. From dark and dreary shows to comedic ones, the popularity of true crime podcasts seems to grow each week. While there are many high-quality comedy podcasts centered on the subject, one is a cut above the rest: Crime in Sports. Hosted by comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, their podcast about famous athletes committing crimes have listeners tuning in each week.

A PodcastOne show, James and Jimmie present a different case of a famous, and sometimes not so famous, athlete who has “lost big games…with the law.” Though they do cover some well-known cases, like Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Jose Canseco, Pietragallo prefers illuminating less popular stories. (Many true crime podcasts have covered O.J. Simpson, but how many have told the story of Bob Hewitt?)

What makes this show so good are two main things: the accuracy and details given about the cases, and the hilarious chemistry between the two hosts. James spends hours preparing the details for the case he covers on the show, and the evidence of that is clear in each episode.

Jimmie is great as the co-host reacting to the story, and he has no idea who the athlete is going to be that James picks to cover. This creates a natural conversation between the two and provides spontaneity allowing for numerous laugh-out-loud moments. In addition, James and Jimmy also host Small Town Murders, and the show has a similar format.

While humorous true crime podcasts are on the rise, the genre does have its cynics. Not everyone feels that comedy should be mixed with crime, and James and Jimmy often give a warning before an episode. But the edgy comedy on the show usually stems from making fun of the criminal, and they never make fun of the victims. After all, they’re “a**holes, not scumbags.”

With detailed coverage of cases, hilarious moments, and sharp banter, Crime in Sports is one of the best podcasts of 2018.