MMA News: CM Punk Is Featured On 'UFC 225' Poster And Twitter Erupts

Carter Lee

In MMA news, former WWE champion CM Punk has made the poster for UFC 225. UFC 225 will mark the second fight that CM Punk has had in the company, and his second ever MMA fight. Punk made his MMA debut at UFC 203 in September of 2016, where he was choked-out by Mickey Gall within the opening minutes of the first round. On June 9, 2018, CM Punk will face Mike Jackson live on pay-per-view.

Like Punk, Jackson's MMA record is 0-1-0, and the loss also came from a choke-out by the hands of Gall. While a bout between two fighters who have never seen a victory may seem uninspiring, the former WWE champion still has a lot of drawing power. And if there's something the UFC needs right now, with the lack of big-name fighters compared to previous years, it is drawing power.

While many fans of MMA are also fans of wrestling, many UFC loyalists perceive the WWE as competition (even though they are completely different industries). Diehard fans often view wrestling as silly and a lesser product, and many members of the WWE universe feel the same way about the UFC. But there is clearly crossover appeal between the two industries, just look at the current activities of Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, and UFC is capitalizing on that.

Your OFFICIAL #UFC225 poster has just landed.

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